Exercise to lose belly fat.This Exercise is very easy and effective, Try to lose your belly fat by this exercise but remember only exercise is not enough for fat belly, we need to change our life style too. The decisive factor in the successful belly fat loss is to pay attention to the necessary reduction in calories. In any case, make sure that an ample supply of protein need to  the body to maintain your metabolism and to counter the loss of muscle mass. By having too much fat around your belly and chest you put yourself at a greater risk for health problems, such as diabetes and heart disease. These are easier to perform than regular push-ups and should be done after the regular push-ups.

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Lay on your back with your legs stretched out but knees slightly bent and start breathing slowly. Take two to three steps back to a point where you can lean forward and place your hands shoulder width apart on the counter and support your body weight. With your hands at your side, slowly raise both legs off the ground about eight to ten inches.

With your back flat, slowly lower your body until the lower part of your chest touches the counter edge.

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