Many of us want to lose weight, we attempt different diets, work outs, we circuit train and yoga too but somewhere on the lane we tend to give up hope, get bored with the training and give up. The vicious circle goes on, and body also get tuned to these activities, next time you hit a program – the body takes longer to break the pattern. Which means that next time you train to lose weight, you’ll have to put more effort to achieve your goal.

One need to worry out day in and day out, fight the boredom, shred the inertia to get the fruitful results. The best part about yoga is that it leaves you fresher and more energetic than before after the work outs. Yoga considered being more of aerobic exercise burns less calories during the workout compared to other strenuous workouts that are as effective.

Place your hands under your shoulders, plams down and fingers spread apart.Press to your hands, lifting your head, chest and shoulders off the mat.

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