If at ANY TIME you are not completely happy with this item or the amazing results you will experience, we will buy your product back from you.
I was reluctant to try this at first, simply because I’d seen other products that were similar that had gotten a bad rap. Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! Good exercise tips, any other exercises to loose the belly fats..is constant walking will help? The pain in your abdominal area sounds like a stitch but you should see your doctor because it could be something more serious like a hernia or a muscle strain.
You not only need cardio but you also need to watch your diet AND still have resistance training. I've know several people that went on some of those diets that guarantee tremendous weight loss and lost a huge amount of weight.
Another thing that I think contributes more than anything else to obesity in American is the eating patterns are totally backwards for most everyone.
Our team of scientists worked together to create a breakthrough product using thermal technology that literally Melts fat.

Simply wrap the belt around your waist, attach with the high quality built-in velcro, and the belt will do the rest. But these last 10 pounds just would not move, so I bought this waist trimmer belt from Thermoscience and – wow!
The only way to lose fat around your abdomen is by reducing your overall body fat percentage. I'll add, throw away all the diet aids (crutches), count your calories for a while to get an idea of how many you are actually you eating. They eat little or no breakfast, then have a huge meal at night when the days work is done so those calories from that big meal can only end up fat. Seventeen years of research and experience have allowed us to engineer the best waist trimmer belt on the market. No need for diet supplements, gym memberships, workout programs or any other time consuming fitness plans. The only problem was that when they were on the diet they ate the specified amount then when the diet ended they put it all back with a lot of interest because they didn't learn a single thing about how to eat properly. Our adjustable neoprene thermal weight loss belt will torch the fat off of your stomach in no time.

It’s easily adjustable, stays in place and is virtually undetectable under my clothes but I can definitely see a difference. I was tired of depriving myself of my favorite foods and I knew that I needed a different option to slim my stomach.
Yeah, yeah, maybe I could find time to get to the gym, but frankly I just don’t want to spend the money and lose time with my family. In fact, if you follow this rule, you do not even have to do crunches to lose fat around your abdomen. Thanks for making such a great product; I will definitely be passing the word along about this brand! It’s and interesting sensation at first, but it actually becomes quite soothing, like a heat blanket. I’m seeing consistent loses each week without intentionally slowing my eating, although I seem to want to eat less while wearing it.

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