Vegetable omelet (3 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 1 cup veggies) You can also add some chicken or lean beef if you want.
If you want the secret to having more energy, being healthier and looking younger, you've come to the right place! It's just a fact, belly fat will get in the way of a fuller, healthier life. Did You know that "Ab flab" has been linked to depression in women, and that it increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes? But there is some good news, as a A 2009 University of Illinois study showed that moderate exercise totaling about 30-45 minutes a day will improve insulin sensitivity, cut down on liver fat and reduce inflammation in the belly even without changes in diet. Exercise also reduces the size of abdominal fat cells just under the skin, another risk factor for diabetes.
I was alway’s a size 0 to 2 and with in the last year i am am size i all in my belly!
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Alternate Medicine, Benefits Of Foods, Health News, Tips & Tricks Treat Your Heart Right! A small waist improves your looks and cuts your risk of diabetes, so here's how to lose your belly and strengthen your core with these 6 exercises for a flat stomach. Excess weight any place in the body is bad for your health, but belly fat is harmful because it tends to settle around vital organs, such as the liver, and blocks the body’s ability to use insulin, which is the hormone that regulates blood sugar levels. If you feel that you have a medical problem, you should seek the advice of your Physician or health care Practitioner.
Keep vegetables cut up in the refrigerator so you don’t have to work too hard at meal time.

However, getting rid of that stubborn belly fat and maintaining a toned and well-defined stomach is a true big deal for every single person. It needs lots of hard work, dedication and of course, time.Let us make the process a bit easier for you. Practice breathing exercises and shed off the excess pounds accumulated at your abdominal area efficiently. Deep Breathing ExerciseIncrease the supply of fresh oxygen to your body and burn down a huge amount of calories just by practicing this simple exercise only for 15 to 20 minutes a day. Deep breaths will make you feel relaxed by reducing the secretion of stress-causing hormone cortisol. Therefore, your cravings for food will go down and you will end up losing belly fat successfully.2.
Diaphragm Breathing ExerciseThis is a modified version of deep breathing in which the diaphragm is engaged for increasing the capacity of lungs and making the abdominal muscles flexible. It has great positive impact on our digestion, which helps in eliminating excess fat from the belly.3. Belly Breathing ExerciseThis is another form of deep breathing which revolves around the movement of diaphragm as well as the muscles present above it. Deep Abdominal Breathing ExerciseAs the name suggests, this form of deep breathing exercise focuses on the abdomen, thereby speeding up the process of belly fat removal significantly. As both inhalation and exhalation are carried out through the mouth, the abdominal muscles get pressurized, which eventually reduces excess fat from the tummy.6.

Stimulating Breathing ExerciseThis breathing exercise includes short and fast (rhythmic) movements of the diaphragm just like the ‘bellows’, which improves our strength, energy and mindfulness. As it imparts excessive force on the abdominal muscles, you can get rid of the fat surrounding your stomach too.7.
Shining the Skull BreathingSkull shining exercise or kapalbhati involves forceful exhalation from the lower belly by holding on the abdominal muscles tightly. It tones up those muscles by shedding off the excess fat and hence, you go one step further in your goal.8. Flying Stomach Lock ExerciseThis is one of the toughest as well as most beneficial exercises for people, who want to reduce excessive abdominal fat.
Stomach Vacuum ExerciseRegular practice of this exercise will help you bring out your actual stomach buried under the stubborn layers of fat.
It needs you to breathe out of your lungs completely and suck your belly in to the maximum, which serve your purpose wonderfully.10. Tummy Toning ExerciseThe name of this exercise is enough to tell you about its intention and benefits.

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