Until recently, scientists thought that it was impossible to spot reduce – target fat in specific areas of the body.
Here’s a program designed to not only strip away bodyfat, but also target one of the most stubborn areas: Your midsection. Hanging Leg Raises: Hang from a pull-up bar and, keeping your legs straight, lift your legs in front of you until your thighs are parallel with the floor. Bicycle Maneuvers: EMG studies show that the bicycle maneuver is one of the best exercises for activating the front (rectus abdominis) and side abs (obliques). Vertical Crunches (not pictured): Lie on a bench on your back and place your hands loosely at ear level.
Reverse Crunches: This exercise requires an incline sit-up bench, but you can use a flat bench.
Ball Crunches: Lie on your back on the ball until your thighs and torso are parallel with the floor. Seven Days To Sanity: Workout And Eating Plan--a simple plan to ease you back into eating well and getting your body ready for more exercise and fitness. Girls who are naturally skinny are lucky, but the girls who have had to fight to be skinny are strong. But new research suggests that you could lose fat from specific sites using a combination of aerobics, training target muscle groups, increasing hormones that speed fat breakdown and use and increasing adipose tissue (fat) temperature during exercise.

Bente Stallknecht and colleagues from the University of Copenhagen showed that spot reducing is possible.
Additionally, doing repeated bouts of exercise increases adrenaline that will turn up your metabolism for the rest of the day. Cross your arms over your chest and contract your abdominal muscles, raising your torso to no more than 45 degrees. Stallknecht B, J Lorentsen, LH Enevoldsen, J Bulow F, Biering-Sorensen H Galbo and M Kjaer. Try doing this 1 time for a week then 2 times for the next week and then 3 times from then on. Exercising muscles generate heat and release chemicals that increase blood flow and fat oxidation in surrounding fat tissue. The Danish study (Stallknecht and colleagues) that looked at spot reducing showed that increasing fat tissue blood flow boosted fat use in specific tissue.
Pull your right knee in toward your chest while twisting the left shoulder toward your right knee. Increase the stress on your oblique muscles by moving your feet closer together and placing your hands on your ears.
Dynamic warm-up protocols, with and without a weighted vest, and fitness performance in high-school female athletes.

Evaluation of the microdialysis ethanol technique for monitoring of subcutaneous adipose tissue blood flow in humans.
Are blood flow and lipolysis in subcutaneous adipose tissue influenced by contractions in adjacent muscles in humans?
Role of the sympathoadrenergic system in adipose tissue metabolism during exercise in humans. You'll not only build muscle and increase your metabolism, you'll start a new healthy habit!
During intense exercise, the body releases stress hormones such as growth hormone, epinephrin and norepinephrine that promote fat oxidation (use of fat for fuel). Also, exercising muscle releases chemicals that promote fat use in adjacent adipose (fat) tissue and mobilizes hormones that increase fat use. Exercises that increase muscle and adipose tissue temperature, promote fat blood flow and boost stress hormone levels will help you lose fat in specific areas.

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