And today, I want to share a 3-Step Plan you can use Right away, starting today (this very minute) to lose weight and burn belly fat very fast. The first thing you MUST do is to cut down on your intake of excess sugar and starch (carbs) from your diet. These foods stimulates the secretion of insulin which is the main fat storagehormone in the body.
These foods contain sugar and starch in high proportion and a high consumption of these foods is responsible for making you fat.
Ensure you eat your meals in a way that it contains a food source of Vegetable, A Protein as well as fat.
Bitter leaf, African Spinach (tete), Kale,Cabbage, Lettuce, Cucumber, Water leaf, Pumpkin (Ugwu), Egg Plant leaf, African Basil, Afang Leaves, Okra, jute leaves (ewedu), Garden Egg, spring onions, red & green pepper, carrots etc. For most people, this is not practical, especially if you have a full time job andyou are always busy. You need to combine different forms of cardio and High Intensity Interval Training with workouts such as squats, lunges, side bends, jumping jacks, running etc that will help you lose general body fat and also burn off belly fat too. If you follow the 3-steps above, your body fat will reduce and you will lose weight easily and fast, and you can start seeing result within 2 – 4 weeks of doing this.
When you are trying to lose weight, it’s always easier if you get someone that will guide you, motivate you, push you and encourage you to take action. So far, I have helped over 1,400 Nigerian men and women lose between 3kg – 35kg of excess body fat and I want to help YOU too.
Kindly enter your name and e-mail to registerso you can start receiving daily e-mails and fat loss coaching newsletter and advice from me. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. However chubby a guy or a lady is, if he or she has a trim abs, he or she does not seem obese, and if a man or a woman is lean otherwise, but owns a bulge on the belly, he or she looks obese!
The golden process to bring down the extra kilos is to decrease calories and improve metabolism. You will have to remember, to lose belly fat, you don’t require to go hungry, but certainly invest efforts and keep patience and surely you are going to achieve the award of magnificentabs and health!
August 17, 2015 by John Falkinder Leave a Comment You have probably seen hundreds of TV commercials advertising the latest abdominal exercisers, diet pills, and workout videos promising to shred your belly fat and leave you with sexy, six-pack abs.
When your goal is loss of belly fat, the most important thing you can do to reach that goal is follow a good nutrition program. While diet books and gurus constantly argue about the best diet to follow for fat loss, a nugget of truth remains after the rest is stripped away: for most people, fat loss happens when their diets are mostly composed of protein and fibrous vegetables.
Chicken or turkey breasts, lean grass fed beef, kangaroo, oily fish (salmon) or eggs, combined with broccoli, cauliflower, kale, spinach, asparagus, and other nutritious, fiber-filled veggies should form the backbone of meals.
Some debate about appropriate carbohydrate levels still rages, but again, one rule of thumb has emerged from the chaos.
If you exercise intensely several times a week, your body requires more carbohydrates than it does when you’re sedentary. Once the diet (or lifestyle change) is in place, strength training should be done at least two times per week to maintain lean body mass while the body is in a caloric deficit.

Every person’s body works differently, and in every diet there will be variations based on personal taste and preferences. To take us out for this article it is also worth considering Harvard Medical School’s take on “abdominal fat and what to do about it”.
The starting point for bringing weight under control, in general, and combating abdominal fat, in particular, is regular moderate-intensity physical activity — at least 30 minutes per day (and perhaps up to 60 minutes per day) to control weight. As I said to someone the other day, “Abs start in the kitchen.” So personally, I recommend diet combined with portion control (or what I prefer to call lifestyle habits) in combination with a good exercise program are the all-important factors to rid yourself of belly fat.
And just before I go, if you are a guy with a waistline bigger than 38 inches, read on for some more alarming facts on how dangerous is a big belly.
For some people, this means the difference between losing fat at fifty grams of carbohydrates per day when sedentary or at a few hundred grams per day when following an intense exercise program. Carbohydrates you do choose to consume should be from complex, nutritious sources such as fresh seasonal fruits, starchy veggies (sweet potatoes or kumera) and some whole grains such as Basmati brown rice, quinoa, chia seeds and farro (try this recipe from Jamie Oliver – farro salad with roasted veg – I am sure it will become one of your favourite dishes).
Fats of this nature are vital for good health, but they do contain a lot of calories and should be monitored. In general, following these principles will help the majority of people who have struggled to understand nutrition basics cut through the nonsense of the fad diet industry and finally settle on a plan that works for them. Processed fructose is the worst sugar you can consume because if causes metabolic dysfunction. If you have unexplained fatigue or weakness, abnormal heart rhythms, or even muscle spasms and eye twitches, you could be deficient in magnesium. Drinking diet soda increases your risk of weight gain to a greater degree than regular soda. When you learn how to effectively decrease your stress levels, cortisol levels will stabilize, blood pressure will drop, and health will improve. If you get tempted for yummy fried foodstuff and sweets, don’t abstain from them totally; eat them in moderate amount. Snacking on a handful of almonds is great; sitting down and working your way through an entire packet of peanuts in one sitting is not. Spot exercising, such as doing sit-ups, can tighten abdominal muscles, but it won’t get at visceral fat. The body promotes insulin resistance and fat accumulations to a higher degree than other sugars.
Healthy fats include avocados, butter made from raw grass-fed organic milk, raw dairy, organic pastured egg yolks, coconuts and coconut oil, Unheated organic nut oils, raw nuts, and grass-fed meats. This type of intense short training improves muscle energy utilization and expenditure; because of its positive effects on increasing muscle mass and improving muscle fiber quality.
Decisions you make about your family's healthcare are important and should be made in consultation with a competent medical professional. Research indicates that nowadays aerobics have come to the forefront because the best exercise regime that one can go for if he or she really wants to lose belly fat. If you go on attempting steadfastly, you will doubtlessly lose belly fat, albeit at a slow, but a steady speed! Consume plentiful vegetables of green and other colors such as carrots, cabbage and broccoli, fruits like figs and melons, whole grains in form of porridge and brown rice, beans, nuts and cereals.

This equals out to fasting for 16 hours which is twice the minimum required to deplete the glycogen stores and start shifting into fat burning mode. In addition to this, you must consume protein rich foods, which involve fish skim-milk, yogurt, soy, etc. As advised in the testimonials of the Department of Health and Human Services, a healthy adult should take 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise every week. These aerobic work outs also reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases by improving blood circulation.
It is generally seen that truly healthy nutriments are insipid, savoury spices like onion, red chillies and garlic, which you can add to the vegetable preparations, to make them scrumptious, are fat-destroyers. Beer and other sorts of alcohols, with wine as an exception, give rise to ‘beer belly’ as per the reports. How can you lose belly fat with aerobics?How can you lose belly fat with aerobicsStomach fat is abdominal obesity.
And you must remember, fat is brought down from all the body parts, not abdomen in particular or some other portion of the body. Whenever your body accumulates fat, some fat is deposited inside your abdomen area, thereby resulting in a swelling waist size, and consequently, you can no longer wear your preferred figure hugging dresses or else you need to buy larger-size pants. Yet, abdominal exercises can tighten and tone up your belly muscles, which will certainly give an fine look to your abs.
Also there is a proven connection between the accumulation of belly fat and cardiovascular disease.
So belly fat is a dangerous sign that you simply need to prevent to keep yourself heart healthy.Now the question is how can you lose belly fat with aerobics? A current health study has shown that aerobic fitness exercise is the best way to burn stomach fat. These aerobic exercises have to be performed, in a circuit, that’s, one after the other. It is especially good for overweight or old people, while there is no impact of joints using the ground like when walking and running. This exercise leads to increased rate of metabolism and the body continues to burn calories even while at rest. Lifting weights and moving these questions controlled fashion not only helps in sculpting your body but also helps in increasing the metabolism. Weight lifting is the only type of aerobic exercise which promotes the best rate of calorie burning even resting. Various scientific studies have shown that skipping might help in burning a maximum of 450 calories in only 45 minutes.

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