The practice of meditation is mainly linked with the objective of reducing stress, anxiety and various other mental as well as physical problems.However meditation involves sitting in a place and breathing deeply, thus a person with respiratory problems or who face difficulty sitting in a place for longer duration may find it difficult to meditate. The first and foremost benefit of mindful meditation is that it reduces symptoms of stress, depressions and anxiety in young children. Not only does mindful meditation help one improve control over emotions and moods but also help one have a sound sleep.
This means that sustained meditation leads to the brain’s ability to change structurally and functionally on the basis of environmental input which is also termed as neuro-plasticity.
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Since meditation has a positive health benefit the Western world has started practicing it widely. Inspite of this meditation is becoming very popular nowadays even though it is’t mainstream yet.
The American Psychological Association’s annual Stress in America report revealed that 1 in every 5 children said that they are worried a lot about things happening in their lives and about 30 percent of the respondents complained about insomnia. A study in the San Francisco School Unified District found that with the practice of transcendental meditation (promotes relaxation and mind awakening) the overall performance of students improved and reduced the rate of dropouts. A study by the University of Utah revealed that mindful meditation not only help a person control emotions and mood but also help one catch a good sleep at night. Experts from Harvard and Northeastern Universities revealed that meditation is related to more virtuous or do-good behavior.A regular practice of meditation can benefit young brains of any age.

Mindful meditation in particular has gained more popularity in recent times.Young minds need breaks as every brain needs a break. And only 8 percent of the parents present were aware of the condition their children are going through.
There are apps for meditation and websites that help young children as young as 7 through a mindfulness meditation practice. Concentrative meditation is the practice of concentrating or focusing on a particular image, hymn or mantra or on one’s own breathing.
Mindful meditation is the practice of meditation where one is fully aware of one’s surrounding unlike concentrative method. Experts feel that this will help young children to deal with stress and anxiety in a positive way at a later stage.

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