We don’t know many children who love to drill concepts to the tune of a ticking clock. Shiny Things offers a progressive series of math apps that focus on a whole range of early skills.
Motion Math also offers a series of math apps, ranging from preschoolers up to older elementary students. Kids Numbers and Math is a simple, bright and cheerful app that helps visual learners grasp the concepts of number sense, matching, maximum and minimum, as well as beginning arithmetic. And for more ideas, be sure to take a look at our 12 favorite educational apps for preschoolers.
The Operation Math app from Spinlight Studios (the same developer behind the excellent Alphatots app) turns learning and practicing math facts into spy missions. Also from Spinlight Studios comes the YodelOh Math Mountain app, which covers the same objectives as Operation Math, but with alpine flair.
More and more schools are adopting the Singapore Math curriculum, and the Number Bonds App: Addition and Subtraction helps reinforce those fact families. The King of Math Junior app is the precursor to the King of Math app we featured in last year’s back to school math apps. Word problems can be a huge struggle for many kids, even those who know their basic math facts backward and forward.
Like the Number Bonds App: Addition and Subtraction, this app covers multiplication and division number bonds and fact families in the same kid-friendly format that helps reinforce concepts in the Singapore Math curriculum.
We’ve sung the praises of DragonBox Algebra many times before, so we were super excited to discover the new DragonBox Elements app that teaches geometric concepts in a similar, sneakily fun way. Our kids get so tired of drilling math facts, but it’s important to master them, since solving higher level math problems requires quick mental arithmetic.
Hands-On Equations uses scales and pawns to help kids visualize algebraic equations and remember that old adage about What you do to one side, you have to do to the other.
Before you shell out big bucks for a graphing calculator, give these two Calculator apps a whirl. Photo extensions mean you no longer have to jump from image editing app to image editing apps, opening and saving as you go, hoping you never make a mistake because there's just no going back. Afterlight is simple to use and contains all the filters and effects you need to quickly fix up almost any photo on the go.
Flare Effects offers a carefully curated selection of 20 filters that are both original and eye-catching.
Camera+ offers everything from basic to advanced editing tools, filters, and a featured called Clarity Pro that can really makes your photos pop. Fotograf offers a great selection of classic photography filters that you can tweak and tune to your heart's content.
Halftone 2 lets you quickly apply frames and comic strip style overlays to all your pictures In order to put collages together, you'll have to use the actual Halftone 2 app.
Workflow isn't a photo extension, but with it you can create a script that will combine photos into an animated GIF right from the action list in the Share sheet. If you've been taking advantage of the convenience photo extensions offers, what apps do you have loaded up that support them?
Fortunately, on Android, we can make changes that speed up how we interact with our phones — no rooting or flashing required.
When Assistive Touch launched for iOS, some Android apps had already experimented with the idea of putting a floating button on the screen. Possibilities include placing a call directly to one of your regular contacts, sending a text along with a pre-written message (such as “Almost there”), taking a photo, or launching an app. Floating Toolbox uses a floating button, but instead of opening a menu when you tap that icon, you get a list of your favorite apps. The app is ad supported, and the display banners make the configuration screen look rather cluttered. If you find yourself wanting more apps to fill Floating Toolbox or Simple Shortcuts with, here are a handful of music players that all look great on new Android phones. The app has more ads than I care for, and when I tried to toggle my flashlight using the default shortcut, that didn’t work.
Assistive Touch 1 lets you remove ads for $1.98, but removing them from Assistive Touch 2 is roughly half the price at 99 cents.
Every time I press the home button and open the app drawer, I run the risk of getting distracted and tapping on an icon that had nothing to do with what I originally wanted. For folks who are enamored with Assistive Touch for iOS, there really are no shortage of additional options.
It would seem that our smartphone’s have become the Center of everything past, present and future.
This article may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. Easy Touch is a button on an Android device, which looks like the Assistive Touch feature on the iPhone. Now that Android 5.0 is starting to arrive on more devices, more of you are getting your first taste of Lollipop.
If you're a student taking a math class, there's a good chance you could benefit from a graphing calculator. Quick Graph is a fantastic graphing calculator that lets you graph multiple equations at the same time, change their color, and also view the mathematical notation of equations being graphed by nicely formatting fractions and exponents You can toggle equations on and off by tapping the symbol that looks like an eye. When you add or edit an equation, a keyboard pops up with math symbols, operations, and functions.
After adding an equation, you can change its color from the 24 preset colors or from the color wheel. To trace a graph, simply hold your finger down on the screen and the points associated with the x value of where your finger is will pop up. You can also interact with the graph by pinching to zoom in and out and scrolling to pan around. One of the great (paid) features of Quick Graph for instructors is the support for VGA out.

Hungry Guppy is a great place to start for preschoolers learning number sense, counting, and beginning arithmetic.
Dexteria Dots can help younger kids learn number sense, relative size, and basic arithmetic, along with practicing their fine motor skills. Solve equations to progress through the game and earn cool gear, including addition and subtraction facts from 1-20 and multiplication and division facts from 1-12. Great for learning and practicing the whole range of math facts, with a old school carnival game feel. Even if your school isn’t using Singapore Math, this app can be a smart way to help kids visualize addition and subtraction facts. The Thinking Blocks apps help kids visualize word problems, make sense of what’s being asked, and set up the equations necessary to solve the problem. In DragonBox Elements, kids solve puzzles while learning about shapes, their properties, and the logic of geometry. Multiply and divide large numbers, square any number, calculate percentages, multiply polynomials, and manipulate quadratic equations — not just quickly and easily, but faster than friends and even teachers. Start with Level 1, solving for a single positive variable, and move on to Levels 2 and 3 build on the knowledge from Level 1. Calculator # is free, but it still offers some pretty powerful functions, including factoring polynomials, 2D graphing, quadratic and linear equations, and trigonometric functions.
And tips for getting your kids excited about spelling.Web coolness: Disney heroines as warrior princesses, baby names that need to come back, best end of year teacher gifts + more! Instead, you simply open Apple's built in Photos app, tap the photo extensions button, and all the filters and effects you've installed from the App Store instantly become available to you right where you are. If you get the companion app for Mac, Flare 2, you can also create your own custom filters and that makes Flare Effects even more powerful.
You can apply a good selection of overlays right from the photo extension, but you can also launch the Effects Studio app for finer tuning and adjustments. Add frames and choose from tons of different patterns to make your photos look literally out of this world. Thanks to non-destructive editing, you can apply a filter, test it, try it, tweak it, and find that perfect vintage look.
But if you just want a quick comic effect, the Halftone 2 photo extension gets the job done. Whether you’re using an iPhone or something running Android, you get a static row of icons at the bottom along with rows and rows of additional ones above or in a drawer.
Developers have come up with some rather creative shortcuts for placing a call, sending a text, and quickly accessing other common tasks.
Despite being around for a few years, it embraces Android’s current design language, and that’s a big draw. Fortunately, compared to some of the other options you’re about to see on this list, EasyTouch’s icon isn’t all that annoying. This is one of those delightful options that does one thing well while looking perfectly at home next to Google-made apps.
A panel of them drops down from the circular button, and it retreats back in when you’re done. Fortunately you can remove those distractions and unlock the ability to sort your apps into additional columns by paying $1.00.
We also have a collection of audiobook readers and a list of great file managers to pick from as well. Most of them are largely the same, and there isn’t much of a reason to choose them over EasyTouch aside from a difference in appearance. You can arrange icons differently, select from various colors, and change the floating button into assorted pictures. One way I’ve combated this time-sucking problem is by only installing apps I consider to be essential.
There are quite a few to choose from that are simply called Assistive Touch, just like the one listed above. What changes to the interface do you wish Google or other Android phone makers would implement? Let us know in the comments! Swapps is basically what I wanted Action Launcher to be back when I first experimented with that app. So I would like an App that captures all of that activity and places it in to a daily journal automatically. I like it because the shortcut icon stays in the notification bar and when you want to use it you access it like any other notification. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items. After months of speculation and rumor, Google has finally started rolling out the latest update to its mobile operating system. Unfortunately, such devices are very expensive, but the good news is that there are several app solutions for your iPhone and iPad -- the best being Quick Graph.
There are six available variables: x, y, z, r, theta, and phi, depending on if you are graphing 2D or 3D equation in rectangular or polar form. For example, if you want to solve 2x+5 for x=10, you type "x=5;2x+5" and the answer will appear right below your entry.
However, if you want to plot more than six equations at once, graph inequalities and implicit equations, use 2D tracing and independent 2D zoom, and project the app with VGA, you'll need to pick up the $1.99 in-app upgrade. I tried again today after killing the 8 billion apps in my task bar and restarted my iPad before using.
With that in mind, here are the best math apps I’ve tracked down after looking at tons of them, to help your kids do just that. Then kids can move on to Hungry Fish to learn and practice addition and subtraction math facts. It can take kids from early elementary math skills up to those covered in the later grades.
The series of four apps covers addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, ratios, and proportions.

This app covers all the math facts, plus exponents, negative numbers, and order of operations. Instructional videos on YouTube introduce each lesson, and the step by step examples help build kids’ confidence.
Or upgrade to Calculator ?, which can handle equation systems, matrices, Taylor series, regression and statistics. SharePoint has many uses, the most common being for document management and document sharing for business users.SharePoint also has the capability to version control documents stored within the application.
You can apply the filters through using photo extensions, but if you launch the Litely app you can get a split screen views so you can compare edits before you make them. Doing anything generally involves stopping what you’re doing and tapping on one of these icons.
Examples include locking the screen, toggling Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, launching one of your favorite apps, firing up the camera, or performing a number of other tasks. The settings screen and the shortcuts alike look like something that could have come from Google. The app sits invisibly off to the side of the screen, waiting for you to swipe in from the edge.
The launcher that pops up consists of a ring of circles instead of a single transparent square.
This is disappointing because it would be helpful for students to be able to see how equations are entered since it can sometimes be tricky.
I must say, I am very impressed with how much is included for free and find the $2 purchase to be quite a steal. The biggest disappointment for me is that Quick Graph doesn't yet support the new iPad's Retina display, but I'm sure it's coming, so I still recommend that every math student and instructor pick this one up.
Shiny Bakery incorporates number sense, counting, and sequencing, and Shiny Circus deals with measurement: length, width, area, distance, and mass. If all of this sounds only vaguely familiar and possibly a little scary, then you just might need these apps.
That ability to version control, coupled with the Microsoft Office aesthetics of the application (and its close integration with the Microsoft Office suite of products), make Microsoft SharePoint an attractive document management solution for organisations.SharePoint isn’t just about document management. The functionality is largely the same, but this is a distinctive visual twist that still looks great on a Lollipop or Marshmallow device.
Seeing which equations are graphed and the colors associated with them is also helpful for students.
All together, these four apps provide a broad math foundation for toddlers through preschoolers.
You can select a few favorites or have Simple Shortcuts show every piece of software that you’ve installed.
ShareplusThis application is available for iOS (Apple) and Android smartphones and tablets. The free version allows users to browse documents and tasks directly from SharePoint while on the move. OurCRMOur CRM is a full Customer relationship management application that runs on the Microsoft SharePoint platform.
It is offered at three different levels: Standard, Professional and Enterprise, and can be combined with a number of bolt-on solutions to allow organisations to customise the application to best suit their requirements. It consists of a suite of products to enable document migration, integration and data management.
It allows employees to streamline calendar and task lists from both SharePoint and Outlook.5. It is made by a company called Moprise, and is another app that allows users to access SharePoint documents on their iPad. Quick Apps for SharePointThis application is created by Dell and is available to download directly from their website.
It is a great app for smaller businesses because it allows quick and easy customisation of SharePoint, without the need for large IT departments. This allows non-technical users to display news in an aesthetically pleasing way, using images and scrolling effects.
Without the app, development resource would usually be required to display news in this way.8.
TPG Risk ChartThe TPG Risk chart is a great way to visualise product risks using the classic RAG (Red, Amber, Green) statuses, in a 5X5 square matrix. TPG MTA ChartFrom the same company that created the TPG Risk Chart, the TPG MTA Chart is another useful tool for project managers. It visualises milestone trends, so managers can easily see how projects are progressing, and whether or not they are on track.SharePoint is one of the most versatile business software applications available on the market today. Visit the official Microsoft website today to find out more,.David is an independent SharePoint Consultant based in London. Chief editor and author at LERAblog, writing useful articles and HOW TOs on various topics. Particularly interested in topics such as Internet, advertising, SEO, web development and business.Do you like this post? When you step away from the computer, you will not need to wonder what is going on in the market.
Yes, GPS is a great device that will help you not get lost and find the most suitable ways to your destinations. I already use a couple f apps that feature above, but there are a couple here that I didn’t know about. Would be a great addition to this list for those looking to leverage their investment in SharePoint and need full training capabilities.

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