The kind of diet that works best for losing man boobs and also happens to work best for generalized body fat reduction, is a grain-free diet, where you avoid stuff like rice, pasta, cakes, biscuits and bread. Have you realized how ever since the low-fat movement in the late 1970’s, the world has been getting fatter? Anti-nutrients cause disease, and phytates in particular, make vitamins and minerals less bio-available. A high vitamin and mineral profile in your diet plays an important role in helping to normalize your hormone levels, so you can get rid of your man boobs.
Most of the time, when you sit down to eat, you should have on your plate, a moderate amount of flesh (meat or fish), and a HUGE serving of vegetables. But for ideal health, and for the most effective man boob reduction, you’d include some flesh in there too. Meat-free diets came out on top in a recent study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine.
This was the world’s first attempt to compare multiple diet studies to work out if there is any benefit to becoming a vegetarian. On average, vegetarian dieters lost an extra two kilos (and vegans an extra 2.5 kilos) than those who ate animal products, it found.

The results suggest that ditching meat even for a little while – and without starving yourself – can make a noticeable difference, a nutrition expert told The New Daily.
The average diet examined by the study lasted for 18 weeks, and veggie eaters were allowed to eat as much food as they liked. Not only are animal products inferior for weight loss, they can kill you as well. Or at least, one type of them can.
The World Cancer Research Fund recommends no more than 500 grams of red meat per week because of its links to colon cancer.
The best kind of diet is plant heavy, light on sugar and something you can stick with, the nutrition expert said. That was the finding of the US dietary guidelines advisory committee, which calculated this year that cow meat is the most destructive. Everyone should eat less red and processed meat and more vegetables and nuts, its report advised. How can I believe that by taking on this diet I will save the planet if those who are already on it haven’t saved it already? As for McSpews, Kentucky Fried Crap and all the other junk food outlets saying they offer a healthier choice (at exorbitant prices) it is no more healthier than my rear end.

Yes I do eat fresh fruit and vegetables purchased from farmers markets and not at any of the big supermarkets as a good percentage of their stock is weeks old, why do you think they spray their veggies with water quite frequently, so as to make them look fresh. As far as it being a scam it is put up by McSpews, Kentucky Fried Crap and all the other junk food outlets plus the big supermarkets.
Wouldn’t we also need to find more water for the amount of extra Vegies we would need to replace meat in our diets ?
Receive the latest breaking news across sport, money, life and entertainment, delivered every weekday and Saturday. It’s obvious that balanced vegetarian diets are healthier and that meat eating, especially red-meat eating is dangerous for health and environmentally damaging.
It’s not selling specific products… and encouraging people to eat vegetables and legumes over meat probably saves money in the long run!

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