All about What Is a Gluten Free Recipe - Paleo and Vegan Food For Diet and Weight Loss for iPhone. 1000’s of the best recipes, quick ideas, easy diet plans and food lists, for Gluten Free food. The Paleo diet is arguably one of the healthiest diets around, and it’s popularity in the fitness industry has grown exponentially in recent years. The principal behind it is to eat what the human body was designed to eat, without any processed junk. Modern day food is packed with unnecessary refined sugars, trans fats and artificial colours and flavourings.
The Paleo diet was designed to combat this, so you can be as healthy as you possibly can be. A general rule of thumb to follow on the Paleo diet is you shouldn’t consume anything which is processed.
This may seem restrictive, however there are plenty of foods which you can eat, as I will go into more detail. Now you have ruled out those banned foods, it’s time to discuss the foods which you are allowed to eat.

This list may seem short, however there are loads of healthy meals which you can create using these foods, which taste great too. Lowering your levels of blood lipids reduces your risk of contracting cardiovascular disease, and reduces risk of associated events such as a heart attack or stroke. Since you are eating only foods your body was designed to, whilst cutting out unhealthy sugars, starches and grains, you boost your body’s fat burning potential. Because you are fuelling your body properly, giving it the foods rich in macro and micronutrients that it as designed to eat, you will be more fuelled during your workouts. The paleo diet has a direct effect on coronary diseases associated with secondary insomnia, which means that when you switch to the diet, you will notice your quality of sleep will be greater, and more consistent.
Since you are cutting out unhealthy refined sugars and fats, as well as artificial colours and flavourings, your skin will clear up significantly, making the paleo diet a great solution to acne issues.
If you are looking to try a new diet to get into shape for summer, or just looking to drop those last few pounds, I would highly recommend that you give the Paleo diet a shot! These have been linked with many modern diseases such as obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s, Alzeheimer’s, depression and infertility. However, others like to go by ‘eating only foods which would have been available to a caveman’.

Your blood sugar will remain at a constant level, which means you won’t have hunger pangs, and will also significantly reduce potential to store fat. Your body can use the food more efficiently as fuel meaning you can push even harder during an intense session in the gym. This is because your body does not have to digest processed foods, high in sugar, starch and fat. This can make it difficult to follow for many, as it means giving up foods which they enjoy. We are all genetically different, therefore eating only food which the paleo diet describes may work for some, but not others.
There are dozens benefits which it offers, and the weight loss potential when following it is second to none. To really turn your body into a fat burning furnace, you can couple this diet with intermittent fasting.

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