At it’s very basic level whether you gain weight or you lose it comes down to calories in versus calories out.
One of my favorite fitness quotes to live by is from Will Brink of Bodybuilding Revealed, “Total calories dictate how much you lose or gain, and macro nutrient types and ratios dictate what you lose or gain.” That is to say that losing weight can be as easy as eating less, but losing weight can also mean losing muscle, which is typically not a result for which most people are looking.
There are several variables, or factors that play a role in how many calories you’ll burn with any given exercise.
Below is a graphic showing the amount of calories you’ll burn for some of the most common exercises.
About Fit Desk JockeyFit Desk Jockey is a health and fitness oasis and community dedicated to the desk jockeys of the world! If you're carrying a few extra kilos and need to get moving to lose them, we'll show you the top kilojoule burners to kick-start your exercise regime . What the numbers mean:The kilojoule totals we've given for all the activities reflect the amount of kilojoules per kilogram of body weight that a 60-kilogram woman will burn in 30 minutes. Whether he's a sporty dad or your number one masterchef, we've got a Father's Day gift for the special man in your life. We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. Everyone wants that one secret exercise that can burn the most fat off their body in the least amount of time. Since there are so many different opinions about what is the best exercise to lose weight, we decided it would be a good idea to consult our experts to hear their thoughts. We didn’t come up with one consensus, but did find some great exercises that will definitely help to get you leaner and stronger, even if there is no single best exercise to lose weight.
This is a really tough question because a combination of exercises would be ideal and nutrition is by far the most important part of the weight loss equation. Generally speaking, I believe the best exercises to lose weight are high intensity leg exercises, because your legs comprise the largest volume of muscle in your body and can create powerful hormonal changes. The downside is the DB Clean & Press only combines two movement patterns (squat and vertical press), but no single exercise can incorporate all movement patterns. Sleep – This is my honest answer because if I don’t get enough sleep, it is that much harder to stick to my diet.
If that’s not what you were looking for, then I would say a Step up with Shoulder Press into a Reverse Lunge. If someone can’t do those, then simple high step-ups with a good amount of weight (think bench height with 50’s in each hand).
However, if you insist on one exercise that will push you in the right direction, total body strength circuits give you an all-in-one workout.
I actually get asked this question quite a bit as a personal trainer and my response is always the same, “table push-aways.” I’m serious.
That said, I have found the most efficient exercise to aid in fat loss to be those that recruit the most amount of muscle. I recommend starting your workout with exercises such as deadlifts, squats, bench press, pullups, or any variation when you are fresh and able to move more weight. Once a military specific exercise, burpees have become a widespread staple throughout the fitness community due to the fat burning potential while maintaining lean muscle mass.
HI, I was wondering about the issue of natural testosterone level increase and the exercises that burn fat to keep your lean and not bulky. You can increase your testosterone by doing less reps and higher weight and if you want to just stay tone you can do more reps with less weight.
Hi Matt, thanks for your answer, This is exactly my dilemma: should I do more reps with less weight to lose some fat and be more toned (that takes forever) or to increase my T level by doing less reps but with higher weights?
How should I divide my weekly workout (I do it 5 times a week) to still lose my fat (especially chest and belly) but at the same time work on higher level of T?

For doing exercises that focus on burning fat while still maintaining muscle, how about the tempo? I can testify that rest and sleep works, after 4 -5 days throughout the week of 40 min gym sessions I find that after resting for 2 days my weight drops. So I weigh in on Monday morning again on Friday morning but by Monday morning again my weight has dropped since the Friday! Ok I started at 160lbs I am 5″0 tall and now I weigh 135lbs trying to get to 110lbs what is the difference between fat loss and weightloss? The famous American fitness coach Jim Sarete developed his method of rapid weight loss for those who usually do not have time for that.
He perfected this plan of exercises for people who lead inactive lifestyles and that they get tired in the gym just a few minutes after the start of training.
The best way to teach kids how many calories are in foods is by telling them how much exercise it would take to burn them off.
The numbers were so huge a€” in some cases a single dish included several weeksa€™ worth of saturated fats a€” that I immediately lost my appetite and had nothing but ice water (my daughter, however, thoroughly enjoyed her pancakes and scrambled eggs). I started looking into this and discovered the problem: Most people dona€™t pay attention to fat and calorie numbers because they simply have no idea how much of either theya€™re supposed to be getting every day a€” or how much is too much. No wonder you cana€™t turn on the TV or read a newspaper without hearing about the epidemic of obesity. A team of researchers led by Sunaina Dowray of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, took a group of more than 800 people and randomly gave them one of four nearly identical menus. One got a menu with calories plus a listing of how many minutes the customer would have to walk to burn off those calories, and the last got the menu with calories and how many miles of walking it would take to burn off the calories.
The menu-only group ordered an average of 1,020 calories (roughly half a daya€™s worth of calories for most people). Another team of researchers took a slightly different approach when looking at how to get teenagers to drink fewer sugary soft drinks. Kids who saw only the 250-calorie sign were just as likely to buy drinks as those who didna€™t see any warnings at all. Those who saw the percentage-of-daily-calories message were 40 per cent less likely to buy sugared drinks, and those who saw the 50-minutes-of-running message were 50 per cent less likely. Just so you know, depending on age and activity level, teen boys and adult men should get between 1,800-3,200 calories per day; teen girls and adult women need 1,600-2,400 per day. Here at Fit Desk Jockey we even built a pretty nifty calorie calculator that can help you figure out how many calories you should be consuming daily to reach your fitness goals. While you’re eating less you still need to be sure that your getting the nutrients that your body needs to perform at its optimum level.
That being said, unless one of your goals is to become the next fitness model, a little slip up once in awhile is not the death of your fitness goals and dreams.
It’s those days that often leave you scrambling the next morning for the best exercise to burn off the excess and get back on your fitness track. It's upright, it uses big muscles and involves impact, all of which are essential for effective fat burning. You can do it pretty much anywhere and it's the perfect cardio burst for a strength circuit.
Full body exercises that require the use of large muscles groups such as your quads and chest tend to burn the most calories. Full body exercises such as burpees can increase your lean body mass which can help to boost your metabolism which will create a greater post workout calorie burn also known as the “afterburn” affect. So, if you do the heavy weight lifting to raise your T you will not (probably) do the high repetition low weight training at the same time. On days where I can’t find time for a work out i make sure i get 50 burpees done in less than 2 minutes.

Physical exercise will burn off those extra pounds and even make you feel better and more energized.
Sarete says strenuous workout in the gym is only required for those who want to have a perfect fit form that will leave an impression on the environment. We hadna€™t been there for a while, so I was surprised to see that each menu item included calories and grams of fat.
On the way out, I asked the manager whether business had taken a hit since calorie and fat information was added to the menu. Yes, there are some ways to present basic nutritional information in a way that will actually get your husband and son to eat less. Relatively minimal changes, for example 100 to 500 calories per day, have the power to change your body and your life in amazing ways. Do a 50m hard sprint and then rest for 30 to 60 seconds, or swim 50m slowly as your recovery.
If you choose a route that is rough and includes plenty of hills you'll be burning kilojoules fast. Sports that involve multiple short, sharp sprints are best and the duration of the game is important too. You can do it while travelling - a rope won't take up much bag space - or you can do it in your lounge room when the weather is bad.
Personally, I think a burpee is a great exercise because it can help activate your fast twitch muscle fibers. Switching back and fourth gives yourself a good balance so your not constantly working on bulking up but you are keeping yourself level while doing great workouts. But his exercises allow burning 100 calories in just 4 minutes if you follow the instructions. Accordingly the mini complex exercises can be converted to a full 20-minute training session.
Ia€™ve been trying to get them to cut back on the junk they eat, but telling them about calories and fat doesna€™t have any effect. The menu-plus-calories-plus-minutes-of-exercise group ordered 916 calories, and the menu-plus-calories-plus-miles-of-walking group ordered only 826 calories.
If you're a good swimmer with a smooth, effortless technique you'll unfortunately need to push extra hard for the same results. The explosive squat involved with the exercise will help recruit those fast-twitch muscle fibers and force them to grow. But if you're like me, finishing the pool length at any pace will burn plenty of kilojoules.
Just make sure you maintain good posture throughout your hike so that you don't injure your back.
This involves repeats of short sprints (10 to 30 seconds) interspersed by short rests (20 to 60 seconds).
The figures below are an estimate; if you push really hard in a game you'll undoubtedly do even better.
Burpees can also increase muscle endurance if performed for an adequate duration such as one minute intervals.

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