I am trying to figure out why no one has made a symmetrical 135 mm fatbike, as far as I can tell.
So on an expedition you're going to be running an IGH in the rear or maybe just a couple chainrings up front with a chain tensioner.
I looked at my Pugsley and it looks like you should be able to do symmetrical just fine with enough clearance, I'll confirm the actual measurements when I get home. I think with some better IGH's (or wider ones!) we'll see a shift towards truly weather-resistant bikes, but not soon enough. The other thing is you can run the chain at an angle too (that's what you do all the time with a rear cassette) which I presume you can't do with a belt, so you could have the front chainring way off to the right like with the Mr.
There's absolutely no disadvantage to the offset chainstays unless you're an incompetent frame or wheel builder doing your very first build. The 10th Annual Whiskey Off-Road captures the essence of what mountain biking is all about. I have a hard time believing you'd get fat tires and wheels in a regular (airline 62 linear inch standard) S&S case - you might get away with one of the extra wide units though. Even two cases will likely be cheaper than the fee for a bike if you end up on anyone other than Southwest, Frontier, or Westjet. The real reason why I had this bike custom made was for the conditions when you cannot ride.
The Alexander Wang Bike Lock has uncoated blackened steel links mated to a solid brass American Locks keyed lock with faux snake skin finish. More likely event is they would cut the bike with a bolt cutter in order to steal the chain! Want to Contribute?We’re always looking for enthusiastic, positive and talented writers that know their way around both a bicycle and sentence structure. My new Puffin protos are here and the chainstay clearance is not what I'd hoped - the only cranks which will fit at the stage are Mr Whirlys on a Moonlander width spindle.
I think they would be too narrow - AFAIK they have a Q-factor around 174mm, I need at least 185mm.

Isis over isis or howitzer over howitzer are too narrow for moonlander, only pugsley compatible. When raceface, sram or anyone else will release crankset with 213-215 mm q-factor and less $200, it will kill surly cranksets.
FSA Metropolis Patterson Crankset - 170mm Cranks - Silver - Front shifting will never be the same thanks to a great new invention by Sam Patterson - the inventor of Grip Shift.
Avid BB7 Front Disc Brake Kit (pair) - This kit includes everything you need to upgrade your trike's brake system to the best mechanical disc brake system available.
TerraCycle Sport Power Idler - The TerraCycle Sport Power Idler is the second best power idler on the market (second only to the Elite Power Idler). One Hand Brake Control Lever - Dual Pull - Do you need to operate all of the controls with one hand? Nuvinci N360 CVP Wheel Drivetrain Transmission with Tensioner and Chain - The Nuvinci N360 is so smooth because it has no gears. So then you don't have all these chainlines to accommodate and therefore you don't have to worry about chain rub on the tire. I am seriously considering getting a frame builder to build me up my ultimate symmetrical fatbike frame.
The Mukluk is a pain because it is aluminum and it has a 170 mm rear axle which creates swappability issues as well as making running an IGH more difficult or impossible depending on the hub (it has an icky derailleur).
The Pugsley also has this same small frame triangle issue, and of course the headaches from offset wheels. Pony up $145 and it’s yours, then give would be bike thieves your best Blue Steel as you lock up your ride.
We’d say it’s for the hipster that has everything, but does such a thing exist? With aerospace grade ballistic nylon side plates, tough metal core, durable aluminum cog and top of the line ABEC-7 steel bearings, this rugged, workhorse idler will give you years of trouble-free improved drivetrain performance.
This Constantly Variable Planetary Transmission uses ball bearings to achieve a 360% gear range.

If you want a fatbike to be your dependable ultra-expedition bike then you wouldn't be running a rear derailleur and cassette anyways, and I am now really starting to dislike derailleurs, I have yet to do a big trip and not have it whacked out of alignment and cause major headaches.
The benefit of symmetrical is obviously the ease of swappability with the front wheel, and any other wheel for that matter. Plus the frame geometry has a tiny little triangle for your frame bag which limits the amount of stuff you can put in there.
His bikes are gorgeous, the frame was kind of a brown, it looked symmetrical in photos, etc. Don't get me wrong, they're great bikes, but not what I'd call ideal ultra-expedition machines. As soon as I returned to Anchorage, I talked with the guys at AK Chain Reaction to see if they could custom build one for me. However I've got another proto to build up which I'd rather do on the cheap(ish), any cheaper alternative cranks around with this much clearance? Our headrest is adjustable and functions as an additional support for your shoulders, neck, and head. Looks more like the kind of setup that is about as good as a tied shoelace if left overnight. For miles and miles, the Sport Power Idler will prove itself a reliable, quality addition to your recumbent. It's a single lever that operates both brakes and is compatible with all trikes we currently sell.
But with offset there is a limit to how narrow your rims can be which means you will always be stuck with a fatbike.

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