I’ll spare you more details but essentially what happens when you drive all night is that the next day you feel horrible. After trying XP2's pre workout Femme Fire, and truly enjoying it to the extent that it actually took THIRD place in our inaugural BPW Top Ten Pre Workout for Women, I knew I had to try their stimulant-free offering. The sip starts with a little bit of fruity scent coming off the mixed powder that fills the nostrils and then expands into a full on blast of fruitiness as it hits the synapses of your brain. This section is going to be a little bit of a toss-up because I only sampled the product for about 9 days.
The first thing that you’ll probably notice as a result of taking XP2 Metabolic Spike is a fairly significant drop in the amount of water that you are retaining on your body. The second thing I’ve noticed is an overall energy increase- which is odd since this is a 100% stimulant free formula. My favorite ingredients in XP2 Metabolic Spike are the patented Razberi-K ketones, the Lotus Leaf, the Betaine HCI, and of course my all-time favorite ingredient for fat-loss, L-Carnitine L-Tartarate. The only negative side of this formula is that you don’t really get a good grasp on how much of each ingredient is in each serving of this formula. I know I sound a little negative there but let’s be serious- this is the day and age of the NON-proprietary blend. I’m giving Metabolic Spike a rather mundane, ho-hum grade of B on the packaging because they’ve honestly come up with something that shoots right down the center when it comes to packaging.
So I’m not crazy about the formula or the packaging, but still I simply can’t give this formula much worse than a B+ because guess what, it flat out works for me. Hi, my name is Allie and this blog is my hobby :) I am passionate about being fit and active, so making a blog about my experience with different products that help me stay healthy made sense to me.
In tonight's review we’re going to be talking about XP2’s Metabolic Spike caffeine-free fat burning powder drink mix. Then the liquid hits your tongue- and to be as dramatic as possible in true Allie form- a cascade of strong-willed fruity goodness deploys across your mouth from tongue to tonsils. It’s weird because I don’t think that the water loss is a huge part of the selling point of this supplement.
Only a few other products have had the ability to give me stim-free energy and I’m here to tell you that this might be the finest example of that. Yes, you know how much each serving weighs in at 4.9 grams, but when it comes to the actual breakdown of each- we are left in the dark since everything is left in a proprietary complex. It is about time for XP2 to realize that and offer some full disclosure into what’s going on behind the scenes when it comes to the formula of Metabolic Spike. There is absolutely nothing remarkable about the appearance of this stim-free fat burner, and as is such I cannot award them anything much higher than your average test score from high school algebra. I look at the black and yellow and I WANT to have an emotional reaction to it- but I just DON’T.
When I mean works, I don’t necessarily mean it’s the greatest fat loss powder on the planet- but when it comes to versatility, I’m not sure you can match the uses of XP2 Metabolic Spike. In this in-depth Metabolic Spike Review I’m going to tell you so much about this product that you think you’re going insane from the amount of sheer knowledge pouring from your iphone screen into your brain. I’ve felt like my head was in a fog the entire day until I took some pre workout and started writing this review. As this fat burning formula finds its way into the back of your throat- a wave of tasty goodness fills your entire chest with it’s cool and refreshing personality. The other thing I don’t really like about the formula is how the complex weighs in at less than 3 grams per serving.
What it does well is use a clean, uncluttered layout to deliver you all the information that it needs to in a hurry. There’s just that one bit of flair that this product is missing when it comes to the packaging that would take it to the next level. If you are in a Nutrishop at the time of reading, you might even ask the store attendant for a recovery drink from the fatigue that you experience while reading this Metabolic Spike review.
There were notes of strong, authentic tanginess that I don’t think I’ve ever really experienced in a thermogenic powder before. I think it might be because I have a doctor’s appointment coming up on Friday and I’m pretty sure they’re going to take blood and stuff.
I instantly know everything about this product just by glancing at the front panel of the package. Whether that flair is a graphic- a font- a material- just SOMETHING to say ‘hey- look at me!
I’ll lead off with an overview of the last 24 hours of my life because let’s face it the part of my reviews that you love the best is the first paragraph where I offer absolutely nothing of value to your life. I had the berry pomegranate flavor (yeah I spelt it right the first time woo!) and I was quite frankly floored by the burst of flavors that were erupting in my mouth with each sip.
I’ve had some pre workouts that get a little tart and bitter- but XP2’s Metabolic Spike was on a level all by itself.
Now don’t get me wrong there’s nothing in XP2 Metabolic Spike that I’m worried about in terms of blood tests and ingredients in XP2 Metabolic Spike because let’s be serious this is a very bland formula.
I haven’t really seen the seem benefits of XP2 Metabolic Spike in my upper body, which is why I want to keep taking it to see if they come into alignment later. Is it possible that about 40% of each scoop is composed of the flavoring and preservatives and stuff? And next I will discuss the taste of this stimulant free fat burner to give you an idea of what it’s like to sip on this here powder. If I had to compare the taste to something- I would say it compares closely to an actual pomegranate. Because if that’s the case (and it most surely is), than that makes me way less jazzed about what I’m putting in my body. The following paragraph is of utmost importance because I’ll tell you if this fat burning powder works for fat loss.
I also don’t think it would still be in my system unless I took it like the morning of, but like I always say, better safe than sorry. It’s one of the most underrated elements of any pre workout or any supplement at all in my opinion and I would almost tell you to grab this product for the focus element alone. For you to walk away from a Nutrishop feeling like your money was well spent, you better get something pretty freaking good looking for the prices they charge. The third section will go into detail on the formula and supplement facts panel so that we can take the ACTUAL ingredients into account and figure out how they work (or don’t) to burn fat. I will actually probably continue usage of XP2 Metabolic Spike following my appointment because so far after 9 days I’ve started seeing some pretty good results already. To sum things up from XP2 Metabolic Spike Packaging Review standpoint- I think it’s ALMOST there. The final area we’ll cover in this Metabolic Spike Review will be the packaging review, which I do in all of my articles because, well, it’s fun for me. Here are the top three things that I’ve noticed come across my physique since I’ve started taking XP2 Metabolic Spike.
I AM saying it officially go get this stuff and take it before you do your homework or go to work or something. Please know that I am incredibly in tune with my body and so all of these changes are 100% attributed to Metabolic Spike.

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