It has been proven in recent studies carried out in Germany that the foods that we eat can have a direct effect on testosterone levels… A clear link was found that cholesterol levels, blood pressure and amounts of body fat are all dependant on the levels of testosterone in the body.
For a body builder or athlete, this can have numerous effects, low testosterone means poor muscle growth, reduced strength and much less definition. By eating the correct diet, you can help boost testosterone levels, as a direct result, you can enjoy increased strength, muscle mass and a definite spike to your sex drive. Those Vegetables that are high in a substance called Indole 3 Carbinol are excellent at boosting testosterone production, by reversing the effects of hormones such as Estradiol that promotes the development of oestrogen ( the cause of increased body fat) outre testosterone levels are increased, promoting the development of lean muscle instead of fat – Broccoli, Brussell Sprouts and Cabbage are three examples. Meats and Fish are an excellent of both protein and the minerals and vitamins best suited to boost testosterone, Beef, Chicken, Turkey and Duck are all excellent sources, Beef itself is very high in zinc – a known and proven testosterone booster with many health benefits. A lot of dairy products are not really suited to testosterone production, they tend to have the opposite effect and help increase oestrogen production that counteracts testosterone..
Eggs themselves are very high in protein and can help to increase muscle mass… on the down side they are high in cholesterol so care needs to be taken to not eat too many.
Although eating the right foods will go a long way to boosting testosterone levels, you can always benefit from taking a good natural testosterone booster.
These products have been developed to maximise testosterone production without the risks of using artificial or steroid based treatments.

Testofuel has beaten all sales records to become possibly the most sought after bodybuilding supplement in the world.
As supplement manufacturers, maintaining the highest standard of customer service and product quality is paramount to the Suppleform goals. Our procedures are audited four times each year to ensure that we maintain our services to the highest standards.
MULTIVITAMINS are complete vitamin and mineral tablets, with a balanced ratio of your body’s daily requirements to maintain overall wellbeing. OMEGA 3-6-9 is a blend of plant and fish oils that provide you with the fatty acids of Omega 3, 6 and 9. These shaker bottles come with a screw top lid ensuring they are much more secure when shaking, and an enclosed mesh grill which avoids lumps so your customers can enjoy your products right from the bottle. MEAL REPLACEMENT provides a balanced ratio of high-quality protein, carbohydrates and essential nutrients in one delicious and easy-to-mix shake. 35% PROTEIN BLEND is a combination of fast and slow release protein sources for a sustained release of high quality muscle fuel. ULTIMATE ANABOLIC MASS contains a combination of high levels of protein, quality carbohydrates, BCAAs and d-aspartic acid.

80% WHEY BLEND is a combination of quality whey protein concentrate and pea protein for a sustained release and delivery of amino acids. Many body builders avoid the yokes and simply eat egg whites ( which can be bought ready prepared in liquid form) to get the benefits without risking elevated increased cholesterol.
We strive to provide excellence in customer service with the very best private label supplements and service every time. It contains high levels of BCAAs, which are vital in the manufacture, maintenance and repair of muscle tissue and added peptide-bonded glutamine. It contains high levels of BCAAs, which are vital in the manufacture, maintenance and repair of muscle tissue.
As part of this continuous process we take the requirements of ISO 9001 certification for our private label supplements seriously.

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