Urgent warnings were being issued to female and male bodybuilders and fitness athletes today over deadly weight loss and diet supplements containing 2,4 Dinitrophenol (DNP) - which kill by cooking the victim's insides. The potentially horrific consequences of using DNP fat burners has sparked a nationwide warning across the UK appealing to bodybuilders and dieters to call the authorities if they have bought, or are offered, DNP weight loss supplements.
DNP products are readily available from unscrupulous dealers online and 'under the counter' in many gyms – but even hardcore bodybuilders who have tried them say they are distressing to use at best and deadly at worst. The appeal of DNP is that the capsules do result in dramatic fat loss – but DNP is actually a synthetic chemical manufacturing of dyes, wood preservatives, and as a pesticide and not only a potentially deadly poision but a cancer-causing substance.
Using DNP fat-burners effectively over-rides the body's thermostat and burns more calories by over-heating.

Josh Hodnik, a bodybuilder and staff writer for Muscle Evolution magazine, is an expert on performance enhancing drugs and dietary supplements.
He has used fat-burners containing 2,4 Dinitrophenol (DNP) and, while he was staggered at how effective DNP was at stripping fat, he warns the risks are way too high. Andy Foster, Operations and Policy Director at the UK Trading Standards Institute, which issued the nationwide warning th bodybuilders, said: “ "This chemical is not designed for human consumption, and it is harrowing to think that some people may be taking the supplement as part of a weight loss plan when in fact it could kill them. However, it can run out of control 'cooking' the victims internal organs, resulting in an extraordinarily painful death. You will sweat constantly no matter how how cold the air is, and you will feel extremely lethargic.

I will say that the fat loss was beyond great but the side effects while taking DNP were even worse than what I read. Not only did I not want to go to the gym, but I found it hard to complete any daily tasks that one would normally do. This drug is putting off excess heat and too much of it will definitely cook you from the inside out (meaning you'll die) and dying by having your insides cook you is not a pleasant way to go.

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