Fat Burners, also called thermogenics are mix of herbs and stimulants that somewhat increase the body temperature, which in turn helps burn more calories. A good fat burner helps you easily gather and burn fat when used in combination with a sensible diet and exercise programme. PHEN375 – Phen375 is a pharmacy grade weight loss pill (fat burner) that helps create hormones and compounds in the body, which reduces the body’s ability to store fat and also improves the body’s ability to burn stored fat reserves easily. It is the result of years of research into the world wide best selling Phentermine diet pills, long known to be one of the most powerful appetite suppressant and fat burners in existence. Released in 2009, Phen375 is a 100% legal weight loss diet pill made up of some of the most powerful fat-burning ingredients ever developed. CAPSIPLEX – Capsiplex is a clinically proven weight loss diet pill, made from some form of special pepper that promotes calorie burning 278 more. This fat burner is 100% natural, has no known side effects and also good for vegetarians and vegans. Over the past thirty years, clinical trials involving animal and human subjects have proven the incredible potential of red hot peppers and Capsicum, the key ingredient in Capsiplex fat burner as a safe and effective nutritional ingredient to support weight management. With 50,346 packs sold in only three Days, that should tell you how proven and popular this fat burner diet pill is. The brightly colored tropical fruit is found exclusively in Cameroon’s west-coastal rainforests.
The African Mango fat burner and appetite suppressant supplement is to be taken about a half an hour before meals, thus allowing it time to get into the bloodstream and be as effective as possible.
FENBURN™ – FenBurn is a fresh thermogenic fat loss (fat burn) aid formula which possess the ability to boost your body’s metabolic rate. An improved metabolic rate can promote weight loss by charging the body to use up its fat stores for energy – a process called thermogenesis. Further, when combined with a reasonable eating plan and a regular exercise program, Fenburn fat burner can greatly improve your fat loss results.
FenBurn is made up of high levels of clinically researched fat burning nutrients, appetite suppressants and supportive vitamins, in an easy to take formula. RASPBERRY KETONES MAX – Until recently, you’d have to eat a huge number of Raspberries just to get enough of the Ketone enzyme to help combat fat, but now scientists have isolated that compound and extracted it into a supplement that lets you get 300mg of Raspberry Ketone in every serving of Raspberry Ketone Max fat burner.
In a recent study, Raspberry Ketones assisted in counteracting the onset of obesity in the subjects that were on a high fat diet. With Raspberry Ketone Max, you get one of the natural solutions doctors prefer with a clinically proven supplement that can help burn body fat easily. MANGODRIN SF™ – Mangodrin SF™ is another fat burner like the African Mango Plus™ that contains the patented ingredient Irvingla Gabonesis seed which is derived from African Mangos. Mangodrin SF™ fat burner also contains a number of powerful fat burning ingredients like Cissus Quadrangularis, Green Tea and Resveratrol which help you to lose weight by speeding up your metabolism. Protected under 6 US Patents with different clinical studies, it’s not startling that Mangodrin SF™ is one of the best selling fat burners on the market currently.
HYDROXYCUT – Thermogenisis breaks down the fat cells that cover muscles and lead to lack of muscle definition. When Hydroxycut fat burner is added to workout routines, you’ll be freeing your full fat burning potential. The ingredients in Hydroxycut were specifically selected for their ability to burn fat and increase energy, so you can get the most out of your workout and finally get the cut physique you’ve been after.
BONITA FAT BURNER – Bonita Fat Burner is a weight loss supplement that increases your metabolism and thus enabling the body to burn more fat without the need to reduce calorie intake. With the presence of caffeine, it must be noted that, anybody taking certain prescription medications, including heart medications and antidepressants should avoid the use of this product. The presence of grapefruit extract as a proprietary ingredient could also possibly be a risk by causing possible and dangerous drug interactions. Soon to arrive in the UK is the latest meal replacement drink that promises to help you lose weight. The flavoured shakes are designed to replace small meals and provide around 400kcals a day and expect to retail for around ?4 each. Lean 1 Shakes have apparently taken Hollywood by storm mostly thanks to celebrity endorsements like Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Courteney Cox!

There have even been reports that the celebrity guys have been seduced too – Tiger Woods and Adam Sandler to name just two. Britney Spears has been reported to have lost 10lbs in two weeks and a lot of success of Lean 1 is maybe linked with her dieting success.
According to doctors there are some potential serious side effects from using Lean 1 Shakes, such as hair loss, constipation, heart attacks and bowel cancer. If you are in UK then you cannot buy Lean 1 Shakes just yet, but should you buy them when they are available? With the inherent dangers of meal replacement drinks we would recommend looking at other slimming supplements. The success of hoodia for dieting has made this substance very popular in recent years, for good reason! To get the best out of hoodia you need to take fully certified genuine hoodia that’s taken from the stem of the cactus plant.
Inferior or diluted hoodia (similar Lean 1) will not be as affective and you will probably be wasting your money! Discover the most effective hoodia supplement that has consistently proven to work – Click here. Capsiplex Plus - The new and improved Capsiplex slimming pills that help weight loss with a smile! Forza T5s Over 1 million sold and regarded as the most popular T5 slimming pills on the market. None of the information has been reviewed or endorsed by any scientific or medical experts as the information on our site relating to specific products is purely descriptive in nature. Nutrex Lipo 6 is a fat burner that has mostly been marketed to individuals who are not only seeking to slim down but also to become more defined. Lipo 6 has been very popular amongst body-builders and serious exercisers, mostly from clever marketing and product placement in body building magazines.
Lipo 6 from Nutrex Research used to contain the banned drug Ephedra but is now available in exactly the same form without Ephedra. Nutrex make bolds claims that Lipo 6 is an accelerated fat loss formula and helped by the fact the ingredients are in liquid pill form. Whilst this may well increase the rate of absorption, looking at the ingredients it is not easy to see how they will help you become leaner!
The active weight loss ingredients in Lipo 6 are caffeine, Synephrine HCL, black pepper extract, Bioperine and L-carnitine and thought to increase fat burning mainly through increasing metabolism through the process of thermogenics.
Lipo 6 contains large amounts of caffeine and so if you are particular sensitive to stimulants you may feel side effects, such as increased heart rate, sweating, insomnia and increased blood pressure. Some of the other ingredients can cause instability in blood sugar and thyroid hormone levels, so if you have preexisting conditions you should probably not use this supplement. Whilst certainly Lipo 6 has a core following of fitness and body building enthusiasts we do not consider the ingredients to be strong enough for significant weight loss.
One of the main ingredients, Synephrine HCL, is prevalent in many fat burners but has been largely discredited as an effective weight loss ingredient.
All matters considered, the ingredients in Lipo 6 are unlikely to be up to the job of giving you increased fat burning and the weight loss you desire. Finding a fat burner that doesn’t rely on cheap ineffective ingredients like caffeine is not easy. Capsiplex Plus is the exception as it uses clinically proven compounds in red hot chilli peppers to help you lose 3-5lbs per week without negative side effects.
Developed by Advanced Health based in Glasgow, Scotland, this is the new and improved version of one of most popular selling slimming aids in the UK, Capsiplex.
Capsiplex Plus includes all the ingredients of the original and includes 5-HTP a compound that can significantly improve your mood and reduce food cravings. Eph25 Fat Burner claims to be one of the premiere fat burning supplement on the market today. This supplement is available from a number of body builder and fitness websites and costs around ?22.99 for a bottle of 60 capsules so is roughly a months supply. As the name suggests Eph25 fat burner is suggested to help you lose weight by a process of thermogenesis which causes your metabolism to sped up so that your body burns off fat instead of storing it.

The active ingredient is the notorious ingredient ephedrine, banned in the US because of associated health risks but still believed by some to be effective for weight loss. Ephedrine is a stimulant and was a common ingredient in slimming pills until it fell out of favour due to the health risks. Each Eph 25+ Fat Burner capsule contains 30mg of Ephedrine as well as 120mg of Caffeine, 30mg Aspirin and 80mg of Narnegin.
The first three ingredients are often called the ECA stack, an acronym for Ephedrine Caffeine Aspirin, a well-known drug combination used as a stimulant or for body building weight loss. Narnegin, often spelt Naringin has a range of effects including antioxidant activity and the lowering of blood lipids. There are numerous side effects with Eph25 and include nausea, restlessness, confusion, acne, mood swings and irritability caused by both the ephedrine and the high caffeine levels of the product. Label information warns that pregnant women should not take Eph25 Fat Burner and if you suffer from hyperthyroidism, heart problems, glaucoma, high blood pressure, diabetes anxiety, kidney, or prostate problems you should definitely avoid. The advertising claims that it will help intensify your training and keep you going for longer so you can train harder for a lean muscle look.
Reviewing all the Natural Male & Female Enhancement Products like natural weight loss products, skincare products and natural breast enhancement products.
Others also profess to stimulate the release of adrenaline, improve your metabolic rate or simply as appetite suppressants. Manufactured in a USA-FDA approved lab, Phen375 fat burner is established to show an average weight loss of 25lbs in just few weeks! They go into action by supercharging the metabolism, suppressing appetite, and breaking down of fatty tissues. Capsiplex is created in placebo controlled environment and the ingredients in this pill burns up to 278 more calories. Capsiplex has been raved about in the media and also comes with loads of real celebrity endorsements.
This is because the ingredients in Fenburn not only aid break down fat stores, but can also aid boost energy levels and endurance.
That means not only is Raspeberry Ketones hfat burner elping forestall the onset of obesity, but also preventing fat storage as well. This limited yet, powerful seed has long been known to the local tribesmen in Cameroon for its fat burning, antioxidant, and appetite suppressing compounds which have more recently been clinically proved to help you lose weight.
However, Hydroxycut is formulated with a chief ingredient that unlocks Thermogenesis through a boost in a specific hormone.
This will allow you to not only burn fat and get lean muscle, but also chisel your physique. Bonita fat burner employs caffeine as its main ingredient, which is known to boost metabolic rate. The ingredient used in Lean 1, hoodia gordonii can be found in other slimming tablets in more potent forms and not diluted as is the case of the shakes. Hoodia gordonii has been proven to reduce food cravings and as a result reduce your daily calorie consumption. So it’s a perfect choice for increasing fat burning and helping to reduce food cravings. This means that any weight loss achieved is a by-product to taking stimulants and the artificial energy that you will feel – mainly due to the high caffeine content of the capsules.
Adverse side effects are usual and although stimulants may make you run around more, it will unlikely help you lose weight in the long term. An extract from the African Mango seeds called irvingia gabonensis have been used among Cameroon villagers for its overall medicinal blessings. This means that you can work longer and harder during workouts, charging your body to burn up even more fat. This lets the user’s body to more efficiently and effectively burn fat to enhance their definition.

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