I don’t actually think Fat Freddys Drop is the best band in the world.  I was silly for having said that any 1 band is the best band in the world. But I do think that a live musical journey with Fat Freddys Drop is always a pretty special one to go on.
I went to their gig at The Tivoli in Brisbane on the weekend- part of the Australian tour promoting the release of their new album Blackbird.

Their marathon-long live songs – where the music changes through that long journey, they jam out, and there are lots of awesome solos by each of the quality musicians that they are. The smooth way Fat Freddys Drop blend jazz, dub, soul, blues, electronica, funk, groove & hip hop.
For now I have a video of Blackbird, their opening song at The Tivoli gig + some mp3 version (sorry for you) sample listening tracks off previous Fat Freddys Drop albums.
The New Zealand based group toured little in the States however, especially on the East Coast.

He has laughed at me about that statement ever since – and would never let me take it back.
I love most things he does musically, but I can still never help wishing for that special energy that I think comes from having a live bass and drums.

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