Physical Fitness Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for physical fitness professionals, athletes, trainers, and those providing health-related needs. I'm currently doing hot yoga to increase my flexibility but as for weight loss I'm doing cardio with some weight lifting but not seeing the results I would like to see. I've also changed my diet, times I've been eating and the amount I eat to a healthier diet with smaller amounts about 5 times a day. Currently I hit the gym 2 to 3 times a week and yoga every other week, I would like to do more of both but being a dad of four, time is limited. You can try lifting your kids in sets of 50, if you do all 4 of them that's a nice workout! Once you get your diet squared away, then you will really start to see the benefits of your exercising. When you do an Aerobic workout, not only will the workout burn a lot of energy itself but it will continue to burn energy for the rest of the day.
So that takes care of initially burning off the excess energy (fat) but how do you keep it off in the long term without having to go to the gym 3 times a week (for your 30-60 minute cardio run)? The reason I say to feel it out when you first start is, your body is most likely in poor working shape. At that point the workout doesn't need to get any longer (the sprints only get more difficult if you choose to push yourself). The benefits are, your body will naturally burn more energy because of the increase in muscle mass and if you quit for a while you still won't get chubby.
My general rule for muscle mass is, it takes 3 times longer to lose it than it took to build it (that's what I find at least). As for diet, increase lean protein sources and decrease carbohydrates and fatty meats (like beef). Another thing to make sure of is, always do cardio on an empty stomach (don't eat within 3 hours of a workout).
As for lifting weights, if you plan to do it for an extended period of time you may need to eat before. Note that in the modern diet (for the last few hundred years) people eat incredibly more carbohydrates than this amount each day, so for a week you will feel you are eating strangely, then you will feel in perfect health (and easily eliminate body fat each week).
You can't target the fat in your belly as everyone has pointed out, however you can do certain exercises that are best for fat burning.
High impact aerobic exercise is better for fat burning than low impact - an example of low impact is swimming. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. If you’ve ever been to a gym, perhaps on an elliptical, a treadmill or stationary bike, perhaps you’ve seen a table like this. Your target heart rate zone points to a range of health and fitness benefits based on how much energy you exert during your workout. Cardio: When your exercise level reaches approximately 80-85% of your maximum heart rate, you’re in cardio mode, which means you’re working at a level sufficient to strengthen your heart and cardiovascular system. If weight loss is your goal, you will absolutely burn more calories (and more fat) in cardio mode than fat burning mode. During the last 10 years I have gained a little more weight around the mid section but have been actively trying to lose the weight but with little success.
When it comes to losing fat, exercise has relatively a much smaller part to play than dieting. In fact, there is no exercise that will specifically target weight loss in any part of your body. I would suggest doing a lot of different exercises in the beginning and there are many to try.
A healthy weight loss routine would have you losing a maximum of 2 pounds per week on average. Youi might think that a year is a long time just to lose x number of pounds but by changing your lifestyle you will keep the weight off. I did say to look at his diet and that 2 pounds per week on average is a good healthy weight loss amount. Knowing the difference between good and bad sugars is crucial, especially when you are trying to limit your daily sugar intake.

Try taking your heart rate a few hours after you finish running, you'll find that it's still chugging along burning energy. I'm talking about the Type 2 fast twitch muscles that use tons of energy just to maintain themselves. The problem with the generic chart above is it assumes that you're in good health and average everything when in fact you're not (especially when you're out of shape). Because it's not used to the strain of exercise, it won't be adapted to the high demand of oxygen.
Start out with the aerobic stuff and wait until it starts to feel easy until you introduce the harder workouts. The sprint involves a mile to warm up (and to gradually get up to speed) a mile on full speed, and a mile to cool down (and gradually reduce the speed). The sprint takes about 15-20 minutes to accomplish (less if I the warm-up cool-down phases are shortened) and you don't really need to do it that often for maintenance (max 2 times a week). Meaning that if you work out and continue to improve over a 3 month period it'll take 9 months until you fall back into bad shape (a really bad diet can make this worse). Running builds muscle all throughout your body whereas lifting weights only targets individual regions. By lean protein I'm referring to eggs, tuna, edamame, beans, chicken (if it's cooked right).
I thought that by skipping a meal your body stores more fat as it thinks it's not getting enough food, is this correct?
You might say "OK, I'll eat zero carbohydrates" but that simply won't work (it's simply impossible to have that much willpower).
The only reason people have hunger, and "want to" eat more than they need to (why would your body possibly make you want to do that?) is because they eat incredibly high daily amounts of carbohydrates.
If you drink 2-3 pints of beer three times a week, being alcohol free for a week will lose you 0.25kg. The general idea applies though, which is interval training is more effective for fat burning. Learn the true secrets to lasting weight loss success with these common sense tips that never go out of style. To receive your two free fitness books simply visit the Free Fitness Books page at the Heart Rate Watch Company website. With that in mind, let’s discuss two of the settings you’re likely to see on your exercise equipment: fat burn and cardio. Depending on how you intensely you exercise, you will preferentially attack different energy stores.
Lighter workouts afford the body a greater level of oxygen, which is needed to burn fat most efficiently. This level of exercise also best improves your blood pressure and lowers your cholesterol levels. When you exercise in cardio mode, you exhaust your oxygen stores to the point where you aren’t as efficient in burning fat, although you are still doing so. I would almost go so far as to say: get your diet sorted first, then start thinking about exercise. If you want to get down to 190 again, you're looking at around a year or more of a dedicated lifestyle change in order to accomplish that.
Obviously you will lose more at the beginning than at the end, that's why I said average.
When you hit your aerobic range you start breathing harder because your body requires more oxygen to meet the performance needs of your workout. You'll find yourself gasping for oxygen even on easy workouts and everything in the chart gets shifted because your VO2 max is much lower. You shouldn't need a whole lot of energy if you're not exercising for an extended period and this will force your body to burn the energy it has readily stored (fat). Your VO2 MAX is the point where your body's oxygen uptake reaches it's maximum so it has to fire up your anaerobic metabolism to compensate.
My take with this is, burn off a lot of excess but, more importantly, get your body into shape first with the aerobic exercise. Most information about stuff like V02 Max and BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)are plain wrong because they calculate values based on you being average everything.

Most likely you are already fasting 8-12 hours at night, so you could just extend it into the morning some days or every day.
With a regular routine exercises such as walking, jogging and other cardio exercises, approximately 20 minutes per day. The important point is that different levels of activity and exercise progressively take you from burning calories to burning fat to improving your heart’s conditioning.
This level of exercise corresponds to reaching approximately 65% of your average maximum heart rate. In the grand scheme of things, cardiovascular fitness is much more important than fat burning. In cardio mode, you switch to preferentially burning carbohydrates, which doesn’t require the same oxygen levels as fat to be utilized for energy.
For the most comprehensive workout, incrementally increase your workouts until you can perform in the cardio mode, because what you care about is the total number of calories, not the percentage of fat burned. Food you buy at the grocery store and cook yourself are often healthier than what you would get at a fast food joint because they haven't been processed as much. While the weight burning zone is good for burning fat while you work out, it isn't really optimal for weight loss because as soon as you stop your body will go back to it's normal resting heart rate.
Your body also needs to cleanse itself of toxins like crap in your lungs and vascular system. Even if you're gasping after the mile at full speed force yourself to follow the gradual decreases in speed (unless you physically can't).
Save the meal for right after the workout, within 45 minutes after a workout is the period when nutrient uptake is at its greatest (and if feels the most satisfying). This 'correct' classification of this would be the borderline between your aerobic and anaerobic zones. Then, work up to the higher intensity workouts to build muscle mass thereby burning more energy and keeping it off when you aren't working out.
In reality it's possible to dramatically change these values to increase your energy consumption so you can get off the bird dieting. Because fat storage is regulated by hormonal signals that are influenced by WHAT you eat, I have some different recommendations. Furthermore, if you don't eat anything at all your metabolism will actually increase for the first couple days and only begin to decrease after that, so yes, skipping breakfast is OK. With a proper and balanced diet, a good sleep and a decrease of stress in your life can help you attain your fat loss goal faster. It's important to note that at the higher levels of exercise, you don't lose any of the benefits obtained at the lower levels of exercise. And yes, you'll still look better burning more calories than focuses on burning a higher percentage of fat relative to carbs. For many people, cutting out most of the sugar in their diet (obviously not sugar from fruit and other healthy sources) is an excellent way to lose the weight.
The anaerobic range is when your body loses its ability to break down lactate at a fast enough rate and it starts to accumulate in your blood stream. It's good that you split your 3 big meals into 5 smaller ones, but make sure your 5-meal calorie count is really less than your 3-meal plan. Lactic acid is a byproduct of anaerobic metabolism and one of the reasons you feel sore the day after a hard workout.
A higher anaerobic threshold means you'll feel less sore and you'll be able to work out harder without feeling fatigued in the future. Skipping breakfast is a form of intermittent fasting, and makes your body burn fat throughout the morning. Eliminate processed carbohydrates from your diet and you will probably find that your energy levels are more steady and missing a meal will not bother you. Instead of hours of cardio that can just end up making you eat more the next day, do some high intensity interval exercise, with or without weights.
I have had good success with these methods and the most important factor for me is the short duration of the workouts.

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