Believe it or not, some of the foods you thought you could never have on any diet are often encourage on diets that really promote fat burning weight loss. Here is a brief description of the five best fat burning foods for women and men alike who want to lose belly fat specifically as well as achieve successful overall weight loss. Olives are a great source of unsaturated healthy fats that also provide lots of iron, vitamin e and copper, and contain healthy doses of fibre which aid in blood sugar control and a healthy digestive tract. Olive oil especially contains many properties that help promote good health and when used regularly, in the right amounts can actually improve weight loss efforts. Sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts and even pistachio nuts can help you burn fat and lose weight when eating according to plan.
A lot of people who love this buttery treat avoid it when trying to lose weight or burn fat, when in fact they should be eating even more of it!
These foods listed below  will start slimming and toning your waistline the moment they leave your fork and enter your mouth.
Being a personal trainer and sports nutritionist has provided me a platform to educate, inspire and lead people to a better life. I take great pride in helping people find a passion for fitness that previously wasn’t possible due to constant failures and misguided diet struggles. Many diet and fitness experts claim that there are plenty of fat burning foods for women and men that help the whole process move along at a much quicker pace. Like any fad, diets change from day to day and while it was once thought that eating fat of any kind was a bad thing, research has now shown that we healthy fat burning foods have to eat fat to stay healthy and lose weight. Like the other monounsaturated fats listed here, avocados promote fat loss when incorporated into a planned fat loss diet. Check this out:A big part of what we do here at Body By Bate is promote a healthy living and staying fit and active. They build healthy lean muscle, increases your metabolism to promote fat burning, or simply use energy (i.e., burn calories) just to digest them! If you can learn to recognize those foods and eat them in the ways that you should, you can tale giant steps forward in your fitness journey, and you’ll be eating many of the foods you love.
So the next time you toss that super salad, be sure to add a few avocado chunks for good measure!

So you may have to give up some of those TV snacks but if you can eat chocolate, things won’t be so bad.
A major part of this is making sure you’re eating properly for your goals and your overall health. Many men and women have lost weight following plans that target mainly belly fat as it is one of the most stubborn areas. If you’re like us, chances are you are looking to burn a little fat and lose a bit of weight.
If you’re looking to speed up your metabolism or encourage fat burning, definitely consider adding in these great foods below.
Black beansBlack beans are one of the best foods that you can use to help with weight loss. They are high in fibre and will keep you full for much longer than your typical carbohydrate alternative. Kidney beansKidney beans, similar to black beans are extremely high and fibre and will help maintain and manage your blood sugar levels throughout the day. LentilsIf you’re looking for all of the benefit of black beans and kidney beans without the gas and related issues, consider eating Lentils instead. They are available in both dried or canned, just be sure to follow directions when preparing them.4.
WaterWith the human body consisting of 55%-78% water (according to wikipedia), it’s no wonder why it is such an important food when it comes to weight loss and optimal health. With the exception of some water-based drinks, water should be the only thing that you reach in the fridge for if you are thirsty.You should avoid calorie-dense drinks and stick with water and you will have a much better time at burning fat and losing weight. By drinking a tall glass of cold water first thing in the morning and before each meal you can increase overall metabolism throughout the day.5. Green vegetables are an incredible source of nutrients that your body needs to function at its peak performance.Looking for the best bang for your buck? Try the leafy green, Kale (featured in the picture to the top-right), and the sulfur-rich Broccoli.
Lean meatLean meat is another great source of protein that will help your body maintain a high metabolic rate and help burn calories.

Although they are correlated with weight loss and fat burning in particular, they will aid in overall health and wellbeing.8.
Rather than simply shrinking the size of fat cells when losing weight, green tea extract will help promote their death so that it is less likely you will regain weight.9. Cayenne Peppers (Capsaicin)Chilli peppers, including the cayenne pepper shown to the right are a great metabolism booster if you can stomach the heat.
The active component in chilli peppers, Capsaicin, causes thermogenesis in the body, which although may not directly lead to weight loss, does increase metabolism and promote fat burning.
Keep a handful of almonds at your desk to avoid snacking on high sugar and fast digesting foods throughout the day.Be careful that you do not overeat when snacking on Almonds as they are very calorie-dense. A handful of almods is more than enough to curb your appetite and tide you over until your next meal.11.
CoffeeAlthough I’ve been slowly replacing my morning coffee with a small pot of green tea, it is still a great addition to your day in order to burn fat. The caffeine in coffee will help kick start your metabolism and break down fats in your body.Want to avoid getting dependent on Coffee and caffeine to start your day? Stick with 1-2 cups per day, Have one day without coffee every week, and one full week without coffee every 2 months.
Like any drug, caffeine should be cycled properly for optimal weight loss.These are only some of the great fat burning foods available to you. Proper diet and nutrition is one of the most important factors when trying to burn fat and lose weight. Far too many people never take action because they just are not sure where to start or what to do.

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