We’ve all heard that “you are what you eat” – but, in actuality, what you eat can affect you who you are. Below are seven of the best fruits and vegetables known to enhance mood.  Eat a few of these a day and your psyche will thank you for it.
In addition to being a great source of potassium (which studies have found improves brain function), bananas are high in B6, a vitamin that increases serotonin and norepinephrine levels.
Broccoli boasts impressive levels of folic acid (also known as Vitamin B9), an entity necessary for a number of bodily functions, including cell growth, the production of healthy red blood cells and mood regulation. Deep colored vegetables like berries are steeped in complex carbohydrates, which supply glucose to the blood.  This translates to higher body energy and elevated brain activity – combating depression and decreasing irritability. Fresh fruits and vegetables hydrate and energize while being amazing sources of antioxidants.  Full Circle is proud to offer a wide selection of locally-sourced, organic produce that keeps mind and body strong. Do you feel better after eating fruits and vegetables?  Which ones work for you?  Tell us in the comments below. So you are basically copying and pasting the same information all these other sites are, in a full circle (ha), and it is pointless because what’s the source of this information?
Before we start out, of course all fruits and vegetables are good for you to consume, so don’t cut any out just because they may not be one of the weight-loss juggernauts listed below. Almost all fruit produced the same results, while vegetables containing lots of fibre and low carbohydrates (like broccoli and Brussels sprouts) led to greater weight loss, which Bertoia says is because they make you feel full. On the flip side, starchy vegetables like corn and potatoes seemed to cause weight gain over time. Check out which fruits and vegetables were the most successful in shedding pounds in the gallery, below.
Veggies like the leafy greens are not necessarily very water-rich, but they sport an extremely powerful nutrient profile. Whether you prefer white cabbage, the red variety or savoy and chinese cabbage, you will be adding an astounding mix of phytonutrients to your diet. Together with the above, the glucosinolates[1] in cabbage give your body the tools it needs to put up a defense against cancer. As with beets, celery is a must-have for lowering high blood pressure and for restoring electrolyte balance after workouts. A single medium carrot can provide more than an astonishing 200% of your daily Vitamin A need! As beets grow below ground, they are higher in sugar and therefore add some sweetness to juice recipes.
Beetroot juice probably is one of the best researched juices so far, as you can read in this article.
Be sure to buy the darkest shades of spinach you can find, in order to ensure the highest nutrient intake from it. The folic acid in romaine lettuce is excellent for preventing the build-up of damaging homocysteine in your blood vessels.
Researchers are still scratching their heads about exactly why these fruits are so powerful in terms of health benefits[4]. Whether this has to do with the specific antioxidant combo in kiwifruit, or some other active phytonutrient, remains a mystery at this time. Although golden kiwifruit have a different phytonutrient profile, both the green and gold varieties offer these unique health benefits.
I love the fact that pears are such an excellent source of pectin, one of the crucial soluble fibers.
An apple might seem like a very 'ordinary' fruit, but don't misjudge the nutritional power hidden in each juicy package!

Get the full story in this article on the nutrient profile of apples and their health benefits. All the different kinds of berries, but blueberries in particular, are extremely rich in a variety of antioxidants.
Watermelon is loaded with minerals and other nutrients that can help with water retention and can also boost metabolism. Note: Both pear and cabbage are extremely soothing and healing for your whole digestive tract.
With the wide variety of fruits and vegetables that you can grow in your home garden, you may feel overwhelmed when you are going ahead to pick out the endless options of seeds.
Zucchini plants are amongst some of the easiest ones to grow and their nutrition can easily be implemented into a wide variety of Paleo dishes. With some cilantro planted in your garden, you can add an incredible dose of taste to all of your dishes.
The only thing you need to know when gardening basil is that the leaf production comes to a halt as the flowers come into bloom, so pinch them as soon as they spike to keep the growing of basil flowing. November fruits and vegetables like apples, kiwi , berries, cabbage, rutabaga, and cauliflower are not only palatable healthy diet, but are high in antioxidants as well as vitamins that support your wellbeing. Bananas also offer the mood-regulating relaxant tryptophan, an amino acid responsible for your lovely Thanksgiving turkey dinner afterglow.
Over time, if eaten on the regular, a diet rich with these fruits and vegetables leads to significant, healthy weight loss, according to the study.
Cabbage is packed with antioxidants and is well-equipped to help you fight inflammation in your body. This is thanks to the high beta-carotene content of carrots, being converted to Vitamin A in your body.
Start with a chunk or two (not whole beetroot), while allowing your system to get used to the juice. It has been proven to be beneficial in a number of ways, from lowering blood pressure to revving up your endurance[2]. They don't alter the taste significantly and can therefore easily be added to almost any juice recipe.
Another plus is the package of antioxidants that help to keep your arteries clear by preventing the build-up of sticky cholesterol. But, there are clear indications in research studies are clear that kiwifruit can help to reduce the DNA damage that can lead to cancer. It is astonishing that such a common, readily available fruit comes with so many health benefits. If you leave more of the white pith on the fruit, you will markedly increase your intake of very unique nutrients. Researchers have found that folks who increase their intake of water-rich fruits or veggies, find that they lose weight with greater ease and are better able to keep their calorie intake under control. Here are some insider tips of some of the best fruits and vegetables that you can grow in your Paleo garden! Salads, deviled eggs, salads and soups are about to get a splash of home planted cucumbers. Eggplants are delicious when grilled in Paleo oil or when paired with other fruits and vegetables.
Despite the size, cantaloupes are said to grow best when in a container such as a wine barrel or something that is at least 18 inches deep. You can have some that are sweet, mild, hot or spicy, so all taste buds are certainly catered to with peppers.

The roots need consistent moisture but other than that, they are simple to garden and maintain. Guacamole and salsas are two of the most common things you may use your cilantro plant for. When you purchase nursery-grown plants or something similar, there is a possibility of adding pests into your garden, and you can’t be sure whether or not pesticides and other chemicals were used. Fruits and vegetables are integral sources of nutrients essential to balancing mood and improving mental acuity. Without enough magnesium in your diet, you may find it hard to concentrate in addition to being fatigued and irritable. And the useful culinary ingredient olive oil provides the same benefits when eaten cold, as in salad dressings, or lightly heated below 170 degrees. The best way to juice them, is to bunch them up and add them together with the harder ingredients such as carrots or apples.
It is rich in water (roughly 96%!) and can add lots of volume to your juices, without altering the taste of a juice significantly.
If green juices don't appear appetizing to you, you can easily change the color by adding a chunk or two of beetroot. Romaine lettuce is loaded with beta-carotene, vitamin K, vitamin C, folic acid, potassium and manganese, among a variety of other nutrients.
This combo makes romaine lettuce a very cardio-friendly veggie to include in your juice recipes. However, when adding only 1 single antioxidant-rich kiwi fruit per day, the results were impressive. Although a bit higher in sugar than most veggies, they are fairly low on the glycemic index (around 38). They can help to keep age-related brain diseases at bay and can give your memory and concentration powers a solid boost. The pith of citrus fruits is extremely rich in a variety of phytonutrients, for example limonene, naringenin and limonin. These plants will need approximately 2 months of warm, sun-filled days so plant the seeds accordingly. You can also grow all kinds of tomatoes, two of the easiest and most versatile ones being slicing tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. It grows fast so be sure to plant the seeds every couple of weeks to ensure a consistent dose of cilantro. This particular nutrient has been shown to help heal the lining of the digestive tract in general and peptic ulcers in particular. These, plus the vitamin C content and the other nutrients in citrus, make them handy allies in keeping you healthy. Watermelons are a great alternative that does require some space, but doesn’t require container gardening for the best possible results. Either way, you are about to enjoy the delicious taste of juicy tomatoes straight from your backyard.
Best of all, their polyphenols team up to help to prevent blood sugar spikes - excellent news in my book!

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