If you said the words “Africa” and “food” and asked most people in the western world what the connection was, I would bet my Sunday lunch that many people would say: “None. So the news in The Lancet this week that Africans have the best diets in the world is wonderful and spectacularly ironic. Top of the healthy eating league table was Chad, a country often associated with drought, followed by Sierra Leone, Mali, Gambia, Uganda, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Somalia.  I can remember seeing starving people, children with Kwashiokor and distended bellies in four of them but in each case the cause was war. The research has been carried out for The Lancet Global Health journal by researchers using national data from almost 90 per cent of the world’s population.
Chad, a country often associated with drought, comes top, followed by Sierra Leone, Mali, Gambia, Uganda, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Somalia.
In arid Somalia for example the people traditionally drink lots of camel’s milk which is very low in fat and good for you. The cuisine I know best is Ugandan where, in the south, the word Matooke – banana – means food.
There is also an array of Ugandan green vegetables and fruits that just fall out of uncultivated trees. The Baganda also eat flying ants and some of the students persuaded me that these were best eaten live straight from the anthill. Let’s look forward to hearing someone say not that they have dined like a king but they have dined like an African.  I look forward to seeing the courses in African cuisine and more African cookbooks lining the bookshop shelves.
Nigerian food in a Nigeria home is always prepared by the woman of the house or first daughter as tradition permits. At the bottom of this page you would find a video on how to make ogbono soup in Nigeria, it was actually the first video I made in my kitchen, the Nigerian Kitchen.

By the way, it is now very easy to tell fellow Nigerians about your favorite joints or cool restaurants. With our latest "content 2.0" it is now very simple to create a business page or share a story.
Most people get lost in most Nigeria big cities because of insufficient facts about the city on the internet. A minute's walk from Oxford Street and just round the corner from Marble Arch underground station. When you arrive at the venue you receive a special Free Bonus of my book "RICHES "The 7 Secrets of Wealth You Were Never Told" a€“ yours free!
Duncan Bannatyne, Loral Langemeier, James Caan, T Harv Eker, Brian Tracy John Demartini, Topher Morrison, Michael Gerber and Peter Thomson plus many more of the world's leading wealth creators. I urge you - please take this opportunity to invest just 3 hours of your time to discover these simple but effective, "everyday" wealth building strategies and the "Fielding Financial Formula" 7-point plan to make your dreams a reality. According to the researchers, out of the top ten best national diets in the world only one is not African, Israel. They analysed people’s diets between 1990 and 2010 by taking 17 food groups, including healthy ones: fruit and veg and fish as well as junk food (saturated fats and processed meat). They are a mix of countries with large dryland areas and others with heavy rainfall and fruit-rich rainforests. I was teaching a class in school one hot, sleepy afternoon when one of the pupils suddenly shouted and pointed out of the window. They took me to a nearby termite mound and hacked into it, picking out the grubs and carefully proffering them to me.

It was then cooked and we sat around the carcass eating lumps of meat with our fingers although it was so tough as to be almost inedible.
I had seen deep fried ant grubs in the market but to this day I am not sure whether the raw ones really are a delicacy or just another opportunity to make a fool of a gullible white man. I'm holding the same session at 2 venues so you can choose the date and time which is best for you.
Ben Okri once took me to dinner at his favourite restaurant and insisted that I drink the soup – “the best Egusi in London,” he said. And they eat it in the way I always wanted to but was never allowed to as a child – with fingers from a communal bowl, head back, open mouth and sucking and slurping the tails. I agreed but a minute after I took the first sip I was in the toilet mopping the tears streaming from my eyes. A few years ago Africans were reported to be the most contented and optimistic people in the world.
They were on their hands and knees in no time chasing the clumsy hoppers and flyers and, tearing off their legs and wings to pop them into the plastic bags to be deep fried for dinner.

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