Many people work out on treadmills, either at the gym or at the workplace or even in the extra bedroom at home. If there isn’t any resistance to overcome in order to move, then you are not putting in the same effort as you would outdoors. The interval treadmill workout is a combination of various types of exercises, performed in intervals.
Highly intensive workouts such as this one should be performed 3-4 times per week. As a result of the interval treadmill workout, your metabolism rate will be increased and you will start to burn calories.
The high interval treadmill workout is effective to burn around 500 calories a day for about 40 minutes. Highly intensive workouts such as this one should be performed 4- 5 times per week. As a result of the high interval treadmill workout, you will lose ? a pound in a week. You can set a challenging tempo for workout, if you’ve got a view of the television from your treadmill. Are you bored of doing the same treadmill workout every time at the gym?  Not seeing the results you want? Do 1 set of overhead Shoulder press: 30 reps with dumbbells while doing alternating squats. You have to vary the speeds; quit the machine at intervals of some minutes and do floor exercises.

You can experience the benefits of the treadmill workouts at home or the gym by walking, jogging and running at the same speed, targeting the fat-burning zone and heart rate zone at the same time. Variety is helpful in keeping motivated to exercise regularly and also can help you to lose weight only if you are precise and persistent. Start by walking for about five minutes to warm up and then speed the pace to a sprint for 20 seconds.
Start with a warm up for 3 minutes at a steady pace (about 5 miles per hour), and then turn to your left and side shuffle for 30 seconds before completely turning around to the right for another 30 seconds of shuffling.
First warm up for about 5 – 10 minutes, and then run (you can also jog or sprint depending on your fitness level) for 2 minutes.
This is a so-called high-interval training that should be performed around 4-5 times per week. On a treadmill, one does not counter air resistance to move ahead, says an expert in the field. Slow down to a moderate walk for 10 seconds, then speed back up to the sprint pace for another 20 seconds. Actually, it is a kind of an alternative variant between jogging, walking quickly and running slowly. Immediately move from the treadmill to make a different exercise, such as 20 sit-ups or push-ups or even spending 1 minute on a cardio equipment (use the stair stepper or the stationary bike).

Apart from the treadmill, you will need hand weights and the ball that’s used for exercises on the floor.
Once you have finished 30 seconds on each side, face forward again and start jogging for 3 minutes, then turn sideways for another 30 seconds shuffle on each side. Once the show begins, increase to a sprint and keep it up until the commercial break starts.
During commercials slow down and start jogging and speed up again when your show comes on again. My name is Kristin and I’ve lived in Iowa and around the Midwest for nearly my entire life. Fresh food is abundant which helps us to eat well, and the cost of living is low which allows us to travel far.MORE ABOUT MErecipes delivered.receive a 7 day gluten-free meal plan for subscribing!

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