The Samsung Galaxy S5, the Apple iPhone 5s, the HTC One M8, the Sony Xperia Z2 -- the average smartphone buyer is well aware of all of these.
We picked eight devices that we believe offer an extraordinary bang for your buck, and while this list is not a hundred percent conclusive (especially when you consider the various regional discrepancies in pricing and availability), they do happen to deliver on their promise of a great bargain almost universally. When it comes to flagship-level smartphones sold at ridiculously-low prices, Google's Nexus line basically invented the category. LG's now older flagship, the G2, while initially sold at what we would consider typical flagship pricing, has since plummeted in value, offering you an insane value for your every dollar.
The just-announced Huawei Honor 6 is still a rarity, even in its homeland of China, but it's coming and in due time. Xiaomi has made an unmistakable headway into the smartphone market, and largely because the company is offering top notch hardware at affordable pricing, all packaged into a quality-built chassis. The Moto G is perhaps Motorola's greatest achievement during its time as a Google subsidiary. Speaking of Motorola, we just have to mention the fresh-off-the-conveyor, LTE-enabled Lenovo Golden Warrior A8, not least because it's Lenovo precisely that bought Motorola from Google.
Few phones have stirred as much controversy as the elusive OnePlus One, and that makes sense -- the company that is believed to be affiliated (or even ran by) Oppo, announced an extremely affordable high-end flagship.
Does it pay to be loyal to suppliers when the BEST deals seem to go to NEW business customers? For a product you could easily buy from a number of suppliers pricing structures will be considerably lower as a “New Customer” than the pricing you would pay as an “Existing Customer”. An outside source can do the job if you do not have time, but they will charge you for this service and probably take a commission from the savings too. Depending on the products you’re buying and the saving you want to make it is advisable to call similar companies in on a quarterly basis to give you revised quotes.

We are more than happy to get you some price comparisons from new suppliers so drop us an email using the Contact page.
What are your thoughts about “New Business or Existing Customers – Who really gets the best deal?”? Don’t forget to subscribe to our FREE email Newsletter (below) to receive the latest tips and offers to help you get more for your money each month! Must-Have Accessories for Your OfficeWhat should my company buy… Office Stationery or Promotional Stationery?Going Freelance? Consult your health practitioner if taking an MAO inhibitor or any other prescription drug. The Nexus 5 -- its latest proposition -- gets a well-deserved spot on our list, as the value for money here is through the roof. In fact, the G2 can be had for cheaper than the Nexus 5, all the while offering an arguably more robust package (and great battery life!). Nowadays, the still very relevant Xiaomi Mi3 flagship can be had for as little as $270, and you can get it from Amazon for just $310. The affordable mid-ranger can be had for as little as $169, and the newly-released LTE version costs just $219. In any case, the S8 is an extremely affordable (MSRP $130) mid-range octa-core smartphone, and it's already available on Amazon US from scalpers.
I know in the office supplies industry many suppliers increase the prices on existing spending accounts to compensate for losses of the deals in place to win new business. This can be difficult when suppliers try and offer basket prices so you don’t always know what things actually cost.
Supplying them with your invoices will be the most effective way to reduce your buying in prices.

As founder of You Could Save (2005) and What Stationers (2007) Peter regularly helps consumers and national organisation ‘save money’.
After all, these are currently on the bleeding edge of technology, and, arguably, offer the best there is in terms of extra features and perks. Well, simply put, the Honor 6 offers bleeding edge hardware with an MSRP of just $360 for the 16GB model. Negotiating and obtaining the best deals means understanding your suppliers and how they are working out your pricing structure.
This method is often implemented for the purchasing of indirect purchases such as office stationery and print.
He believes that the only successful way to bring people together online is to provide an open marketplace where people can all work together in a friendly, unbiased environment.
The Lumia 520's successor, the Lumia 525, is already available worldwide, but it fails to offer as an exciting a bang-for-buck ratio. If that doesn't bother you though, and you just can't wait (not a very bargain hunter-ish trait, by the way!), you can get it from scalpers at a varied premium. Looking at what the industry has to offer today, it's hard to argue against the overwhelming change that has taken place in this particular regard. We now have smartphones that offer a true no-compromise user experience, but come bearing a price tag that reads half what the Galaxy S5's or the iPhone 5s' does.

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