But one of muscle's best-kept secrets is that it turns your body into a real powerhouse, giving it the ability to burn fat even whilst you sleep. The best way to boost your metabolism and burn more fat at rest is to increase the amount of muscle your body is carrying. Focus on big, compound lifts in the gym: deadlifts, squats, bent over rows, bench presses and military presses. With so much advice on weight loss, fat loss and dieting out there, it can get a bit over-whelming and ita€™s hard to know where to start. The best way we have found to lose excess body fat and then to maintain that new body shape is to consume less calorie dense, more nutrient rich foods combined with short high-intensity cardio training and resistance training. Short high-intensity cardio training and resistance training helps to build and maintain muscle and is the best way to improve overall fitness.
Great, because we are on a mission to help people lose excess fat, get lean and fit for life. We created this site because of our very own passion for healthy living, getting fit and staying lean. We are certified Personal Trainers and the information herein is based on our own personal experiences. We invite you to discover the importance of losing excess body fat, how to maintain a healthy weight and how to keep fit.
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That’s why – despite the higher metabolic, and therefore, calorie-burning potential of muscle – the way adiposity determines caloric partitioning means that consuming a surplus of calories to bulk up when already overweight is to walk an almost certain path to failure.
Ideally, you’ll want to start bulking when you are lean, or at least, leaner than not.
Men, before embarking on a bulking phase should generally have 10 to 13 percent body fat, or a bit less; women should generally have between 19 and 23 percent body fat, or a bit less. Unless your current goal is to become even leaner, it’s the right time to begin bulking, with the goal of putting on muscle mass.

As you’ve now learned, frustration can be avoided by simply understanding which actions should first be undertaken.
Barry is a former skinny-guy who has dedicated years of his life to the study of muscle growth. Muscle creates a firm silhouette and quite simply makes you look better than less-lean individuals, however big you are. To do this, you need to eat sufficient calories (and up your protein intake) and force your body to adapt, by training hard and resting enough.
These movements will demand a lot from the main muscle groups and most of them will work more than one muscle at a time. Get plenty of sleep - at least 7 hours a night - and minimise stress in your everyday life. Don't fall into the trap of thinking you need to slash caloric intake in order to strip body fat.
Then watch your physique transform into a lean powerhouse which will burn fat even whilst you sleep.
Not everyone wants to look like an athlete, but everyone wants to have more definition and tone and less fat. The information in this site is not just based on another diet, weight loss or exercise program. We will share with you how we are able to maintain our body weight and shape through optimum nutrition, smarter eating and effective exercise.
Conversely, the best result when cutting means losing body fat and retaining as much hard-earned muscle as possible. There are a number of obvious factors – what you eat and how you train – that will help determine your outcome, but here is the one of foremost importance: What’s your current body fat percentage?
If levels of body fat are somewhat higher, decent results can still be obtained, but likely not of the same caliber as would be the case for a leaner person.
If you foresee the need or desire to become extra-shredded in the future, it’s not a bad idea bulk up first, and follow up with a careful cutting phase, to define your increased muscularity. The best thing to do is start cutting until your adiposity decreases sufficiently and you can objectively state that you are at least reasonably lean.

This includes reducing your calorie intake, increasing exercise, eating less refined carbohydrates and foods high in fat, eating more protein foods, reducing processed foods and eating more fibre rich foods, switching to a plant-based diet, to name a few.
Increased lean muscle mass provides a host of benefits, including a healthy metabolism, greater strength and the confidence instilled by looking and feeling strong. To gain muscle requires increasing caloric intake, and if those calories end up being converted to fat – well, a frustrating setback may ensue. Cutting refers to eating and training with the goal of losing fat while maintaining lean muscle mass.
Unfortunately, many fall into the repetitive cycle of getting nowhere fast, achieving exactly the opposite of what they desire. Throw in some cardio in the form of interval training or plyometrics (explosive movements) and your body will start torching through fat as it builds extra muscle. Continuing to lift will assist the process of fat-burning and help retain the muscle and strength you already possess. Fourthly, your plan must be followed correctly and consistently for you to start seeing results and to reach your goal.
About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow. Men tend to have a more difficult time losing stomach fat, while woman struggle with fat in their hips and thighs. People with heavier builds (endomorphs) gain muscle and strength more quickly than thinner people (ectomorphs), but they must work harder at losing body fat. An example of a split routine is training chest, shoulders and triceps one day, back and biceps another day and legs on yet another day. Center your diet around potatoes, brown rice, yams, oatmeal, corn, barley, wheat and other complex carbohydrates.

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