Runners are a very particular type of athlete and will try almost anything to run longer, faster, and remain injury free. MYTH: A study done a few years ago demonstrated static stretching reduced power output and performance. MYTH: Foam rolling or self myofascial release is one of the most effective tools to improve motion and prevent muscle injury.
MYTH: Inflammation is REQUIRED for the body to bring supplies to worked areas, clean up any debris and help rebuild tissue. MYTH: It’s long been held as fact that losing more than 2 percent of bodyweight to dehydration will hurt performance. FACT: But don’t be fooled: Energy chews do work to prevent fatigue during long distance running events, but so do raisins! MYTH: While bananas are a great source of nutrition and do contain many electrolyte replacing nutrients, they alone do not prevent cramping.
FACT: Running strengthens your muscles, but it only strengthens certain muscle fibers to a certain degree.
FACT: There are many things that can cause injury, but one of the biggest determinants of injury is doing too much too fast.
If you are a runner and look to increase performance or prevent injury, please feel free to contact me for a free consultation. This entry was posted in Fitness Training, Injury prevention, Mechanics, Running, Sports Medicine, Sports Performance and tagged barefoot running, dehydration, distance running, high arch, hydration, low arch, marathon, minimalist shoe, running, shin splints, shoe type on January 11, 2015 by Joshua Stone. The University of Alabama at Birmingham recently did a study comparing the effects of cardio to those of weightlifting to find the best way to burn fat. So, ladies, when you are done with the treadmill, head over to the free weights for some heavy lifting. Join STACK MVP and gain instant FREE access to resources that have helped millions of people jump higher, run faster, get stronger, eat smarter and play better. 6 ways burn belly fat fast - forbes, One of the most common questions i get is how to lose belly fat. 15 easy ways burn fat : diet, 15 easy ways burn fat improve flab-burning metabolic rate start losing weight fast stephen perrine, leah flickinger, editors wh january. 2 ways start burning fat quickly - bodybuildingforyou., 2 ways start burning fat quickly benefits green tea 16 weight loss tips 2 pound weight loss week 2 ways burn fat fast 3 keys burn.
Best lose weight fast counting calories , Lose weight without counting calories (play the video below if you hate reading). Burn stomach fat – lose belly fat fast, To burn stomach fat, it takes a complete fat burning plan. Unfortunately, there is a lot anecdotal and pseudoscience being pulled from the internet that leads runners astray. Suddenly, performance experts started saying “Static stretching is the worst thing you can do.” This is not true! When we ice that sore knee, aching Achilles, or painful plantar fascia after a run or workout we are delaying our body’s innate ability to repair that tissue. But several recent studies, as well as anecdotal evidence from the world’s top runners, suggest it’s possible to lose more than 2 percent with little to no detriment to performance.
Cramping can be caused by a large number of reasons, including over hydration (see above) or poor conditioning.
A study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise found that rear-foot strikers are up to 9.3 percent more economical than midfoot strikers (6). A study in the Journal of Sports Physical Therapy evaluated progression of running distance and its relation to injury.

Injury-reduction effectiveness of prescribing running shoes on the basis of foot arch height: summary of military investigations.
The program I have here for shin splints can also be used for flat feet and chondromalacia. But regardless of their reasons—whether the mistaken belief that cardio burns more fat, or intimidation from weight-room meatheads—women should not rely solely on cardio for their workout regimens. The study determined that when cardio queens and lifters burned equal amounts of calories, the lifters lost only fat, whereas the queens dropped both muscle and fat. Personal trainers in mega-gyms perpetuate this myth to persuade you to purchase their workout DVDs. Lifting with lighter weights cannot spark the overall muscle growth essential for fat loss. It is a protective mechanism that when over stretched sends a signal to the brain and spinal cord telling the muscle to contract and protect itself, thus making the muscle tighter.
Dehydration and heat illness have very similar symptoms and often we use the two interchangeably, but they are not the same.
A study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that current hydration guidelines are erroneous and that dehydration does not impair performance (3).
Tim Noakes, MD, in Lore of Running, 4th Edition, suggests muscle cramps are caused by muscle fatigue and that cramping has more to do with not training properly than nutritional or hydration deficits.
Strength and stability of the core and shoulder help translate to lower body power and efficiency. In fact, those who jump from a normal shoe to a minimalist shoe without proper training or adaptation are at an increased risk for injury.
Lead author Ana Ogueta-Alday believes the reason for the improved efficiency stems from the increased ground contact time the study observed in rearfoot strikers. The authors found novice runners who progressed their running distance by more than 30% over a 2-week period seem to be more vulnerable to distance-related injuries than runners who increase their running distance by less than 10% (7).
Current hydration guidelines are erroneous: dehydration does not impair exercise performance in the heat.
Excessive progression in weekly running distance and risk of running-related injuries: an association which varies according to type of injury.
Cardio is definitely a great way to burn fat; however, the study proves that heavy lifting increases the body's fat-burning capabilities. According to Bill Kreamer, author of Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning, women have between 15 to 20 times less natural testosterone than men. The only way to ignite the fat burning process is by lifting challenging weights "in good form for three to six repetitions," says John Berardi, Olympic coach and nationally recognized fitness professional. Even the physician who coined the term RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) has said that icing is wrong.
If someone is suffering from heat illness, giving them water is not the answer, cooling their body temperature is. If you need a kick to climb a hill faster or sprint to beat an opponent to the line, strength training is imperative.
Five separate studies presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine “found no significant benefits, in terms of economy, from switching to minimalist, barefoot-style footwear.” Minimalist shoes also do not magically improve your running mechanics. The cause of shin splints is multifactorial and correcting musculoskeletal dysfunction through a structured program prevents shin splints. More contact time with the ground allows for more force to be applied, while also decreasing the metabolic cost of running.
Owing to the exploratory nature of the present study, randomized controlled trials are needed to verify these results, and more experimental studies are needed to validate the assumptions.

Ladies, it is important to build muscle—instead of burning it off with endless cardio—because it facilitates weight loss through fat burning.
So, when you stretch a muscle that already has over active muscle spindle, the tightness can increase. Due to the repetitive nature of running, runners are very susceptible to developing hyper-active muscle spindles. I’ve written many articles about this, but the most recent, explains why RICE is no longer accepted as the cure-all.  If you want to recover, cool down with foam rolling and stretching, and have a few days of light exercise or rest.
Giving excessive water to a person suffering from heat illness can cause a serious or fatal event called exercise-associated hyponatremia encephalopathy (EAHE).   Marathoners and distance runners who drink at every aid station or drink excessively before a run put themselves at risk for this condition.
In addition, the raisin group showed a lower insulin spike when compared to the gummy group, a win for the raisin. If you’re a heel striker and haven’t been chronically injured, there’s no need to change your ways.
Still, novice runners may be well advised to progress their weekly distances by less than 30% per week over a 2-week period. If a man and woman perform the exact same weightlifting routine, the man will gain more visible muscle while the woman will tone without bulking up. This study found that the threshold of continuous static stretching in which muscular power output decreased was 60 seconds. I wrote an article about this phenomena, if you want to read more about that.  I understand this can be confusing, but when you read #3 you will see how all of this comes together. Foam rolling or self myofascial release targets the muscle spindle and inhibits it (hence the term release in myofascial release). Plus, the raisin group demonstrated higher free fatty acid content in the blood post activity, demonstrating more fat metabolism. John Martinez, the assistant head doctor for the Ironman World Championships says “You can run five days a week and you’ll finish a marathon, but if you want to PR or qualify for Boston you need to have some kind of strength training in there.
In order to improve mechanics, you need a quality strengthening and flexibility program that encourages appropriate muscles firing. A systematic literature, published in the Journal of Sports Physical Therapy found that selecting running shoes based on arch height had little influence on injury risk. It is true that female bodybuilders bulk up, but their muscle mass is the result of endless hours in the gym, supplements and in some cases, steroids. Static stretching for a short-duration (30 seconds) had a negligible influence on performance.
Foam rolling overloads the muscle spindle and the nervous system and gets it to relax and turn off. So, for the same performance gains, you can gain additional benefits from raisins over energy gummies. It’s about improving our performance.” Always add a strength training component to your training program. Higher intensity requires more oxygen demand and thus a greater oxygen debt.  High intensity training has a caloric after burn that lasts for 12-24 hours.
In fact, Jack Daniels says that when training for long running events, train for time, not mileage. You can burn more calories in a 20 minute high intensity interval training program than you can running for 60 minutes at a steady pace.

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