A workout routine does not have to be long in order to burn calories and pump up the heart rate. Strep throat or sore throat is a very common condition which affects people regardless of their age. Here, the throat gets swollen up, thereby causing pain and making the process of swallowing food a difficult one.
The action of salt helps to combat the infection causing bacteria and thus helps in relieving the pain associated with strep throat.
Repeating this treatment at least 4 times a day will help you obtain quick relief from the condition of strep throat.
It is seen that inhaling dry air can irritate the mucous membrane and increase the chances of one contracting strep throat.
Having a solution made by adding 1 teaspoon each of honey and lemon juice to a glass of hot water, is an effective way to combat strep throat.
Along with following the above said remedies, you should also have plenty of fluids like hot water and chicken broth on a daily basis.
You should also avoid exposure to cigarette smoke and other air borne allergens as they can cause irritations in the mucus membrane , thereby leading to the development of strep throat.

A 20 minute cardio workout that you do four times a week can bring fabulous results if you follow a healthy diet.
This condition is brought about the action of streptococcus bacteria and can cause a great level of discomfort to the affected person. This treatment will also help to improve the circulation in the affected areas, thereby leading to quick recovery from the condition.
Even if you do not have strep throat, you can gargle with salt water on a daily basis, so as to prevent the occurrence of infections.
The treatment can be performed by gargling with water to which 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar has been added. Hence, to increase the moisture content of the air and to prevent throat infections, it is advised that you use a humidifier. For quick results, it is recommended that you drink white tea which has amazing anti bacterial properties.
While the action of lemon helps to cure the inflammation in the mucus membrane, honey acts as a pain reliever and also helps in enhancing the taste of the solution. However, take care to avoid caffeine and carbonated beverages, as they can irritate the mucous membrane and lead to infections in the throat.

However, there are also many natural remedies which are proven to be helpful in dealing with strep throat. Honey also posses excellent antibacterial properties which  helps in the cure of infections. Try and few and pick the one you enjoy the most.Here I have gathered various cardio workouts at home.
You can find ones with and without equipment, but each of them are short, but intensive.20 Min HIIT WorkoutIt is a typical HIIT workout which is great for pros and for those who are seeking for something challenging.
After 5-minute warmup, you will do a Tabata style routine which combines only two types of exercises.It may seem too easy, but believe me you will not think that after completing this routine. These are high knee freeze, walk down push ups, jumping jacks, double dip squats, stutter steps and jacks, and leg pulses.It is maybe not as hard as the previous one, so it is suitable for beginners.
It includes such powerful exercises like push ups, triceps dips that are among the best bodyweight exercises.Here is the routine.

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