If you are going to have thigh lift surgery, in initial consultation your surgeon will examine your health and tell you about the surgical technique that is suitable for your thighs and skin tone. Click the link below & fill in our 60 second application form to start the process of making yourself amazing! With appointments that suit you and your lifestyle, theres no need for any worries about booking a consultation right now. Many hospitals where such sorts of surgeries are performed offer detailed instructions to prepare for surgery.
It takes almost a week to recover from the surgery, but you must follow your surgeons regarding taking exercise and starting normal activities after the surgery. More often, the patients feel tired and sore for some days after undergoing the surgical procedure.

But just like any other surgery, some risks are involved in it and you must be aware of these risks. They also provide complete guidelines on diet, taking and preventing certain drugs and smoking.
In many cases, further lift is required and the cut is made either along the groin line or at the buttock fold.
Similarly, it also occurs because of the natural ageing process that causes skin to lose elasticity.
Your surgeon should also tell you about the alternative options and the risks and limitations related to these options. The surgeon removes the excess skin and fat through the incisions and the remaining skin is stitched up with dissolving stitches.

More often, it is noticed in both sexes that the thighs lose their firmness after thinning of the muscle and fat layers. The best suitable candidates for thigh lift are those men and women who want to improve, not perfect, in the way they look. After one week of the surgery, the supporting tape is removed and you are asked to wear a compression garment that helps to reduce swelling and support shrinking and tightening of the skin. In such sort of cases, a thigh lift proves very handy to regain the firmness of these areas.

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