Marathons to Tackle in 2016Inject some fun and adventure in your life this year and run by volcanoes, vineyards or the Eiffel Tower.
Run Downhill to Run FasterAdd downhill running to your training and watch your PRs plummet with the hills. The Importance of Building a Running BaseThe secret to getting faster could be right in front of you.
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These methods are all natural and support the health of your metabolism and digestive system in the process. These boost metabolism and help nutrients become more bioavailable to the body, improving digestive health overall (which burns belly fat)3.
Honey Cinnamon Drink (or just mixed and eaten)Honey has acids & enzymes that act as liver fuel to allow your liver to metabolize fats more efficiently.

He believes that if we take care of ourselves and take care of our planet we can enjoy a much more sustainable, healthy, happy and harmonious life.
4 Responses Brandie Vance 1 year ago I knew there were health benefits to raw unpasteurized honey, but I just never knew exactly what.

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