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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. YoungYou International, a cutting-edge weight-loss, skin-care and anti-aging supplement provider, announces the arrival of two revolutionary new weight-loss products: E-Z Weight Loss Tea and E-Z Weight Loss Pills. All natural, potent and highly effective, E-Z Weight Loss products combine everything that customers loved about Slimbionic with new ingredients for a new, improved product that will surpass Slimbionic both in effectiveness and customer satisfaction.
E-Z Weight Loss Tea, the most effective weight-loss tea on the market, is a blend of more than a dozen herbs and natural ingredients aimed at reducing hunger, improving gastrointestinal health, boosting the body’s immune system and increasing metabolism. E-Z Weight Loss Pills contain a breakthrough proprietary blend of herbs and natural ingredients that reduce hunger and cravings, improve metabolism and boost energy levels. An FDA registered food and health-enhancement supplier, YoungYou International uses herbs and plants from all over the world to create the best weight-loss, skin-care and anti-aging products.
E-Z Weight Loss Pills Slimbionic FormulaEffective one pill a day weight loss & energy formula which includes exclusive herbal ingredients vitamins & minerals.

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This, on the heels of the company’s extremely successful Slimbionic line, will thrust YoungYou into the limelight once again and further establish the company as a weight-loss authority.
Although Slimbionic was a best seller in its own right, YoungYou expects the E-Z line to blow their former products out of the water.
Ingredients include Garcinia Cambogia fruit powder extract, Citrus auranium, D-Ribose, L-Camiline, Camelia sinenis leaf, Coenzime Q-10 and Bioperine. In addition to creating healthful supplements, YoungYou provides on-site weight loss assistance. No prescription neededE-Z Weight Loss Tea Slimbionic Tea FormulaDesigned to promote weight loss.
E-Z offers benefits previously not available in Slimbionic products due to intense research and added ingredients. Unlike other weight-loss teas that strip the intestines of beneficial bacteria, E-Z Weight Loss Tea soothes the stomach and intestinal linings, which aids in digestion.

There are no jittery side effects with this safe over-the-counter diet aid, and most people lose an average of 9 to 10-pounds per month while taking E-Z Pills. YoungYou Weight-Loss Center, located in Tarzana, CA, offers a supervised, comprehensive diet program that encourages participants and provides education for safe, consistent results. The new formula has been perfected and boasts more energy, better metabolism enhancement and stronger appetite control.
Additional benefits include improved mental focus, blood-sugar stabilization and fat absorption. Clients can also choose from one of several non-surgical, skin-rejuvenation packages at the Tarzana location.

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