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Body Pro Supplements is a 100% Australian owned & operated nutritional supplements store. Boosts heart health to promote circulatory system function resulting in improved cardiovascular gains and subsequent fat loss.
Ahhh… the ultra-concentrated pre-workout formula the whole bodybuilding world has been raving about. Very often, we ignore the importance of sleep, which is a very important part of the bodybuilding equation.

Lastly, before I end this post, I just MUST reiterate that if you don’t get your training programme and most importantly, diet right, all the supplements will not help you to lose weight. Using this stack I’m able to lose weight pretty fast (10kg in 8 weeks) and still maintain quite a lot of my strength (actually, I credit that to my radical new training style too, which I will blog about soon). 100% isolates for bloat-free digestion and a mix of fast and slow-digesting protein for maximum anabolism (such a mix has been shown to be more anabolic than whey alone). Or you can click on the name of the supplements above to go directly to each supplement’s page.
And as some of you might already know, Leucine is the single most anabolic amino acid in our diet and is known to trigger some anabolic pathways in our gene.

I used to drink my pre-workout at my room (if I were to go to the gym from school, I would have to miss my pre-workout drink) and bring my intra-workout and post workout drinks in two separate shakers. But now, I just put my pre-workout in the main compartment, my intra-workout in the first container and my post-workout in the second container. I can actually last longer during my workouts and I’m still jumping around like a bunny after that.

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