I am often asked what are the best weight loss products for someone with a slow metabolism. My guest today, Rod Larkin from Grayling, Michigan, summed it all up in his own personal testimony.
For about the same amount of money, or perhaps just a little more than what a person already spends on food costs for the month — Shaklee 180 can be the replacement that provides the weight loss and health results a person wants to have.
So if you struggle with a slow metabolism like Rod does (and me too for that matter), do a 180 with the best weight loss products that worked for Rod, me, Barb Hill Behar, and thousands of others.

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Remember to seek medical advice from your health professional before starting any weight loss program and be sure to ask about how your slow metabolism affects your weight loss efforts. And I love your last sentence because I am a big proponent that it is not about getting skinnier, but rather getting healthier. You Must Not Ingnore for your Best Health" Sign up for instant access!

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