Women and Belly Fat Traditionally women store more lower body fat than men because of estrogen. This entry was posted in Misc, Nutrition, Supplements and tagged abdominal fat, belly fat, cortisol, inflammation, Woman and Belly Fat. And big pharma came galloping in on a white horse to save the day with drugs like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.
About 50% of men never refill the prescription for reasons including side effects of blurred vision, headaches, back pain, and heartburn as well the cost at up to $15 per pill. As your belly fat increases, your testosterone levels drop and as your testosterone levels drop, your belly fat increases. The best method is to get a blood test that can measure total testosterone and free testosterone. You have to change what you eat and drink and you have to dial in your training routine (also, a topic that is an article unto itself because of it’s connection with belly fat is dealing with emotional stress).

In a nutshell, dump the sugar, refined carbohydrates, and grains (you may be able to add back in some grains, if you must, but it depends on how sensitive your body is to carbohydrate and even then, you have to be careful).
If you want to make a change, revitalize your sex life, boost your testosterone, but putting together a training routine seems daunting to you, I have some good news. I built the ActiveAge Blueprint to help people move from unfit to fit; from big belly to flat and do it in a logical, practical way using sound scientific and physiologic principles. But, if you want more energy, more strength, more vitality, and are ready to commit to changing your situation, the ActiveAge Blueprint can help.
My step-by-step, advanced, scientifically-based program that will help millions of people struggling with knee arthritis and chondromalacia patella. What you need is some ass-kicking, joint-friendly intensity to boost testosterone and growth hormone. Because it won’t improve a lick over the next ten years if you keep doing what you are doing.

Doug is formerly an Associate Professor and Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs at the University of Oklahoma Health Science and is the owner of Sports Center Physical Therapy in Austin, Tx. If you've struggled with tight hamstrings, you'll want this book in your arsenal (and I have FOUR other free books for you as well - click the image to discover them). It’s linked with a number of other health problems (Type II Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, Heart Disease) and is also associated with low testosterone and elevated estradiol and a less than optimal sex life. Getting fueled up for the day helps you keep your energy levels up, carb binging down, and is an important step toward the flatter belly you need.

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