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I’m always look­ing for new ideas for food, exer­cise pro­grams, and healthy lifestyle choices. That’s kind of demand­ing, but it won’t do me any good to take on some­thing that I know in my heart I just won’t do again after the first few times.
I need some metab­o­lism boost that would reflect my true lifestyle (which involves eat­ing, work­ing on the com­puter, time with my hus­band, and chas­ing grand­chil­dren). Whether on a weight loss regime or just looking for natural ways to speed up your metabolism, these tips can give a helping hand.
What if you could spend 5min a day and with a small trick you could burn that double XL cheeseburger? One of the most feared ‘weight loss’ time is the plateau period, in which your metabolism adjusts to the diet and weight loss slows down.
There is no magic cure but here are 10 tips which they will help along the way and some may help a long way (exercise!).
Ok, exercise is the most obvious way to get your metabolism going and there is no magic remedy to it. There are some suggestions that exercise can increase the metabolism and calorie burning for a few hours after and also it will increase metabolism in the long run through increasing muscle mass. The type of exercise, the time of the day, the intensity and so on will affect the end results. Remember that exercise is not just going to the gym and pumping iron for 2 hrs 4 times a week.
Some studies have shown that those who consume higher amounts of protein tend to have a higher basal metabolic rate. Results have been controversial though and some studies suggest that the increase in the metabolic rate is in the long run after 6 weeks rather than from one day to the other.
High protein diets have gained a lot of support over the last years and they do have some good research behind them. However, as is still early days it may be best to avoid diets which they strictly protein based and exclude all carbohydrate. Well all it says is that if you vary the amount of calories you consume from one day to the other, that will ‘confuse’ your body and it will keep your metabolism high.
You don’t have to go to the extremes of eating 2000 kcal one day and 200 kcal the next but you can your cycle calorie consumption within a 200-500 kcal range. Moderate amount of coffee consumption through the day may have positive effects for metabolism, fat metabolism and exercise performance as well.
Green tea has been connected with positive results for heart conditions, fat metabolism, cholesterol and many more. The verdict is, don’t empty the market and buy tones of green tea with the hope of having superman’s metabolism. If you replace some of the calorific, high in sugar not healthy fizzy drinks with a cup of green tea it can be good for your all around.
I have come across some articles which suggest that you can have vinegar after a high fat and sugar meal in order to get away with eating it.
You can add vinegar in your food as part of a sauce, or some people tend to dilute a spoonful in water and drink it after a meal. In addition there are some studies which suggest that high amounts of vinegar may not be good for health, so take the straw out of the 2L bottle and relax. In the name of increasing metabolism and weight loss I would say that you may benefit by taking a layer of clothing off or putting the heating down a bit. A cold shower could possibly be a way of going about it but personally I would die even with the idea of having one, so I can’t preach about it. In the summer a cold shower may be ok and in some places with high temperatures is bliss so thumps up for that. In general is believed that a spicy meal can create a temporary increase in the metabolic rate and it can also slightly suppress appetite. It is believed that such spices can increase metabolism up to 8% but that increase is temporary. Additionally to the increase in metabolism cinnamon is believed to be beneficial with sugar metabolism.
Studies show that it can help with improving insulin sensitivity and stabilize blood sugar levels.
If you are behind the schedule and you feel that time is quickly running out, help yourself to some cinnamon + honey drink. While I strongly oppose pills and other artificial ways of losing weight, I don’t claim that the cinnamon honey drink will work alone. I think this is the ultimate example of combining the best of both worlds, because for the first time you no longer need to decide between what is tasty and what is good for you. You may feel frustrated about all your attempts at slimming your waistline and shedding all those extra pounds you have been carrying around for some time. Apples and pears are high in dietary fiber which aid the weight loss process by speeding up metabolism and keeping you full for longer period thus preventing intake of more calories. Oranges and lemons are perfect addition to your weight loss plan owing to their abundance of vitamin C which acts as a natural fat burning compound.

Metabolism is regarded as a complex process in which the body transforms the consumed food into fuel. Flax seeds and ginger are natural metabolism boosters and their regular consumption will not only help you reduce weight but also burn fats especially accumulated in the stomach area. Mix these healthy ingredients to prepare incredibly delicious beverage that will keep you healthy and melt pounds naturally.
Always choose fresh organic ingredients in order to avoid pesticides and other harmful and toxic substances. Combine all the listed ingredients in a blender and blend till you get creamy smoothie with incredible taste. Winter time is one of the worst times to try to keep fit since we tend to travel, bundle up indoors to stay out of the cold weather, and over-eat, but there are some natural ways you can kick-start your metabolism to lose weight and achieve a fit body.
Christina Sarich is a humanitarian and freelance writer helping you to Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and See the Big Picture. Get the latest key natural health information from NaturalSociety with our daily newsletter, and receive three free health guides and one full length E-book! If my body is feeling sluggish I will drink it in the morning on an empty stomach before breakfast. If you have medical concern or symptoms, or are considering use of herbs and supplements, please seek advice of qualified physician.
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I know myself, so what­ever I try, it needs to be fairly easy and it needs to fit into what I know I’ll do repeat­edly. For­tu­nately, I was able to find a very intrigu­ing arti­cle about some things I could do that included some easy food addi­tions like grape­fruit, adding cer­tain spices to my food, drink­ing water in the morn­ing (already do that), plus easy things like show­er­ing at var­ied tem­per­a­tures, etc…all in all, 15 pow­er­ful but easy metab­o­lism boost­ers that I for sure can and will do.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. However, overall even just keeping active through the day could be sufficient to give that little boost. Exercise is walking to work or school, cycling, running, swimming, playing in the park with the kids, doing a 15min workout in the house etc…etc.
Basal metabolic rate is the amount of calories you burn just to be alive before any activity. Well, overall studies have shown controversial results and it is a maybe rather than a 100% sure. For example if you consume 1500 kcal one day you can consume 1300 kcal the next or 2000 kcal, it all depends on personal circumstances and needs.
What to be aware is not to over consume coffee, not to consume poor quality coffee and the ‘additionals’.
Also be aware that if you drink black tea, coke, and a couple of cups of coffee a day you may be overdosing in caffeine. However, adding it in your daily diet can have some good benefits by helping in burning fat, increasing your metabolism and decreasing your risk of diseases and conditions. The practice of iced baths has been popular with a lot of people, but I wouldn’t go that far. Too much ‘hot’ like pilling on the clothes and putting the heating high is actually not as good for health and you will be more like to get viruses. With all those ‘cold’ practices that go around from time to time you have to make sure that you don’t actually harm your immune system and increasing your chances for getting ill. Sleep is important for general health, the immune system, hormone regulation, metabolism, the brain and so on. 7-9 hrs of sleep tends to be the recommendation for sleep, but some people may be fine with 7 and some may need the 9.
This effect is believed to be due to the capsaicin a compound contained in chilies and spices. For some people it may also act as a colon cleanser the day after but I am not sure if that has any health or weight loss benefits.
In some ways cinnamon goes under the same category with other spices including chilies in increasing metabolic rate. Well can’t argue that any small increase even a small one or a temporary one can help in burning a calorie or two more a day. She studied Health & Exercise Science in the UK and since 2010 she is actively involved with fitness and dieting. It is a wondrous solution for a drink that will help you lose weight easily and healthily, without spending a lot of money on allegedly miraculous pills or lengthy diets. You still need to stay away from those fast foods, eat healthy and exercise daily but this tasty drink will push the process into overdrive.
Choosing the right combination is the key to healthy weight loss management without being afraid of the pounds bouncing back.
Vitamin C helps the body burn calories, flushes out toxins accumulated in the body which improves liver health necessary for appropriate metabolism of fats. Prevent weight gain, overweight or obesity, shape your body the way you have always dreamed about and improve your health. Then take your lunch and eat something light for dinner ( seasonal salad or vegetable soup). Many of the herbs and natural remedies below are also great for your overall health, so why not add them to your list, today? Turmeric – Not only can turmeric help you keep more than a dozen diseases at bay including cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, it can also boost your metabolism.

Lecitin – Found in all living cells, lecitin is a natural metabolism booster and helps the body to break down fat. Kelp  – Kelp contains iodine, which supports the thyroid gland – the master metabolism-regulating organ of the body.
Cinnamon – This great herb form the inner bark of the Cinnamomum tree has medicinal qualities for numerous diseases – especially diabetes.
Ginger – Another super food with healing qualities for numerous health issues, ginger can also be used to promote fat loss. Yerba Mate – A tea brewed in South America, Yerba Mate is effective at supporting weight loss and boosting metabolism when combined with a balanced diet. One of the ways this herb may work is by slowing down gastric emptying, which means you feel fuller longer, and therefore, eat less. Green Tea – Due to its high levels of catechin polyphenols, green tea is an amazing fat-burner and metabolism-booster. Bitter Orange – Especially when accompanied by other metabolism-boosting herbs, bitter orange can greatly affect weight loss – positively. Water – Drinking more water not only alkalizes the body and helps it to flush out toxins, it can also help you to feel satiated when you get hunger pangs or strange food cravings.
Exercise – You’ve heard it a million times, but movement is one of the best ways to get the lymph flowing, regulate hormones which are in charge of weight loss, and burn calories.
No actual recommendations or any claims to use herbs, or any guarantees of their efficiency. I’ve never been an ath­lete, so I needed some ideas on boost­ing my metab­o­lism other than increas­ing an exer­cise regime. However, if there are ways to help your weight loss along the way or to just simple burn those extra few calories why not try. In addition, high protein diets are not suitable for certain conditions such as kidney complaints. Green tea is believed to be rich in antioxidants such as catechins and some studies support that it is beneficial for health all around.
I am not a believer of magic pills and it can be argued that there is lack of solid evidence. Don’t use remedies to excuse those lethal meals; there is no magic or scientific evidence that this practice will be healthy or effective. Athletes tend to have the ice baths for muscle soreness but that is a different matter all together.
As with a lot of ‘food’ claims there are not a lot and strong evidence and more research is needed. Yellow and orange color foods are excellent solution for losing weight and they are extra delicious.
Drink this beverage regularly, boost your metabolism and start losing weight naturally.You will be amazing by the results. It is also full of nutrition, which means you may eat less naturally as your body acquires the energy it really needs. You can add lecitin to your cereal or granola in the morning, and even sprinkle granules on salads or stir fry.
Kelp can also boost overall nutrition and health since it is full of amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.
There are many clinical studies which prove that green tea helps to burn fat more expeditiously. Also known as Citrus aurantium, bitter orange ‘extract and p-synephrine increase metabolism and energy expenditure. If you drink water before, after, and during your meal, your body will also have an easier time digesting your food. The websiteis is for general information, reportage, background research and entertainment purposes only. So if someone goes on a weight loss diet and reduces the calories consumed then the body will adapt and reduces the metabolic rate to match the reduction in calories. In general varying the amount of calories consumed can help in keeping your metabolism from slowing down.
The coffee industry can be very sophisticated these days and very fattening at the same time. Moreover, they are recommended for improving mood, so if you are disappointed after so many failed attempts, now is the time to take control of the situation, reduce weight and boost your mood at the same time. Eating good food means we will want to eat less food. Eat kelp as a snack throughout the day. Studies show that abdominal fat is especially sensitive to the active compounds in cinnamon.
But things like this allow you to utilise the properties of spices and foods that enhance your metabolism naturally.
This website owner specifically disclaims responsibility for any consequence of using this website and its contains.
It also lowers blood sugar levels and can help with ‘sweet’ food cravings which are often high calorie.

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