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Anyone who has carried around extra weight on the body knows that it impacts more than just your appearance. A new set of studies out says bariatric surgery completely reversed Type 2 diabetes in 75 percent of patients. Many gastric bypass patients undergo bariatric surgery to alleviate and eliminate some of the symptoms of obesity.
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Feiz Emphasizes the Importance of a Healthy Self-Image for Weight Loss Success ---> --->The University Herald reports that a recent study found that a patient’s negative feelings about their weight could have a significant effect on their success after weight loss surgery.

In cases where the bariatric surgery was more extreme, the percentage for people who completely reversed the disease rose to 95 percent. High blood pressure, an increased risk for diabetes and stroke, heart problems and heart failure are some of the effects of carrying excess weight, and gastric bypass surgery is often the only option for those who are severely overweight or obese. Researchers now say that many patients can benefit from taking probiotic supplements because these supplements help with the complete digestion of food, and can help prevent any major nutritional deficiencies.A study published in the Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery in July indicates that gastric-bypass patients that took probiotics immediately after their procedure, along with their nutrition program, were able to lose weight much more quickly than those that did not. There are several ways to give your metabolism an extra push including exercising early in the day but eating can also be a factor in its elevation.
So if your metabolism is high, it’s burning calories even when you aren’t working hard at the gym.
Although many people don’t like eating breakfast, it gives your body the rev up it needs to launch your metabolism. Kiwis pack a lot of vitamin C, but if you add 500 mg of it to your day, you burn up to 39% more fat when you’re exercising. Adding ice to a drink makes your body work harder because it has to heat it up in your stomach, which increases your metabolism.
When you’re having breakfast in the morning, try positioning yourself near a window so that you can soak up some sun. Chromium, which is found in tomatoes and in a supplement form, also boosts the way you burn fat.
Every time you eat, it helps your metabolism rise, so as strange as it may sound, eating frequently can help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. But what if losing weight also increased your mental health and boosted the power of your brain?
Further still, those who are highly vulnerable to negative feelings about their weight are also more likely to suffer from serious issues like low self-esteem and even depression.

In fact, the results were so immediate; doctors say some people were able to stop taking insulin as early as three days following the surgery. A new study suggests that gastric bypass surgery can reduce blood pressure significantly because this type of bariatric surgery helps to improve the efficiency of the kidneys after eating and drinking. A sluggish metabolism can cause you to gain weight, because you’re consuming more than your body is burning. Don’t get too much C, though, because once you get to the 2,000 mg mark, you start experiencing adverse effects like bloating, gas, and diarrhea.
Also, ingesting a caffeine drink like coffee or tea can raise your heart rate and increase your metabolism. The bright light boosts your metabolism and also helps you increase bone and muscle strength.
According to MedlinePlus, meat, eggs, green pepper, apples, banana and spinach are also good sources of chromium.
When you supplement 120 mcg of chromium daily, your body benefits by revving up its metabolism. You want a big life change that will not only change your appearance but will revolutionize the way you feel from the inside and out.

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