Every person feel hungry at different times, so there are already feeling hungry when meals had not arrived, while others do not feel hungry. Increased stomach acid will make you feel empty stomach and signals your brain that you are hungry.
Many thanks to Music Movement & Magination for permission to display these lyric excerpts. Every day, the human body requires the intake of food three times a day, ie breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

In fact, you may not feel hungry at the time, but forced to eat at that hour as it is already eating. In the state of the stomach is full, the food is gone, and will make you hungry again quickly after a few hours.
Intestine will continue to work at any time, and will issue a gastric stomach acid to digest food.
When the stomach is filled with food before your body really need it, your body will still absorb it, though not maximal.

Since everyone has time to eat different, you should avoid eating habits based on the hours for the perfect place for food absorption, and did not cause the accumulation of fat in the body. This is due to the condition of the stomach that has not been fulfilled, and when feeling very hungry, eat foods that have not been able to meet the needs of the body.

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