Now the good news: There is a proven formula to help you lose extra fat all over your body. As with so many fitness concepts, losing tricep flab is just a matter of eating the right foods, doing the right exercises, and burning enough fat. The very best fat-burning diet is one rich in nutrients, but those nutrients need to come from healthy sources.
You can get your triceps lean and toned by doing strength training exercises one to three times a week.
Bonus: The more muscle you build, the more calories you'll burn each day, even while you rest.
You might already have shapely triceps, but nobody will see them if they're covered by a layer of flab.
You can start off by doing this 3 times a week, and work your way up to 5 weekly cardio sessions. February 20, 2014 by Fit N Cookies 40 Comments Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t one of all of our favorite websites Pinterest?
This is pretty much a rant, but on things that really anger me when I see them on Pinterest.
Yes, fitting into your skinny jeans is nice, but working out for your health is a better reason. And after just telling you I don’t like my thighs, I will let you in on a secret that I used to do these workouts.
I’m glad we all know that these workouts are kind of a joke And we all can build our own self-confidence by loving ourselves regardless of what those silly pins tell us we should be doing! I HATE the spot training workouts…it reiterates the fact that you can actually spot train to some people and it drives me nuts! I love Pinterest and can definitely get lost on there, but I’ve definitely seen these kinds of pins and they always turn me off. I hardly go on the Fitness section anymore because of what it promotes or it has a bunch of quotes that are terrible. I definitely try to be more aware now too and only promote things I really have a strong feeling for! I get frustrated with the really built girls on Pinterest with the great abs, and make you feel like you could get those abs in 3 easy moves! But women aren't the only ones who suffer from upper-arm jiggles; men can store fat there too, and many of them want to lose the flab and show off their sculpted triceps.

Losing the fat will result in a slimmer you, and will get rid of the stored fat on your upper arms. Eat plenty of fish and other lean proteins, a variety of colorful fruits and veggies, and whole grain products. These should be non-consecutive days so that your muscles will have time to repair themselves following your workout. If you cannot do a full push-up at first, do modified knee push-ups until your arms get stronger. Every inch you lose takes you closer to your goal; soon you'll be wearing sleeveless tops without trepidation. I think there can be some great workout inspirations on Pinterest but it’s mostly crap workouts making false promises. I definitely LOVE Pinterest and find great recipes (and some good workouts) on it, but I agree, some of the widely-spread and re-pinned workouts are just ridiculous! When I see my friends repin them I want just go and delete them and then hand them one of my fitness magazines.
I was naive at one point and thought I could do that, and this just reaffirms it to everyone, which is wrong! I actually rarely see what those I follow post, and head straight to the categories and go to food, or diy, or home decor. Couldn’t agree more ha, which is part of the reason I stopped looking for workouts on pinterest and just started pinning stuff I found on blogs that I liked like yours. I remember when I first started (and I was slow to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon, I felt like I was the last person to join) I did spend WAY too much time on there. I think it was great at the beginning and the workouts were great, the meanings were great. Then choose an exercise you enjoy, and keep your heart rate in that zone for at least 30 minutes.
We all have areas we want to fix or work on, but the truth is you can’t just focus on that. I just really wish people would start focusing on getting healthy instead of losing weight.
The one where we plan for our future kids, future weddings, homes we will never live in, places we will never go.
When you tone up everywhere, and focus on making healthier choices with your diet, that’s when you will see changes all over.

I didn’t even touch on the #fitspiration, but I just wish people would focus more on making better decisions on their health, incorporate fitness and healthy food options, and you will see results. Every other picture seems to be a new fab workout next to a too-skinny model… just doesn’t make sense to me! They need to limit what’s allowed to be posted especially since the target audience is for young impressionable girls!
I’m not sure how you get stronger and build muscle without legs getting a bit bigger or arms, or whatever, lol.
I try to be aware of the fitness things I pin so that they’re promoting health instead of skinny.
Pinterest is supposed to be fun, not yet another place for people to compare themselves to an ideal!
It’s just when you think your burning more and denying it’s not a hard workout and such!
I don’t like how those kind of workouts are advertising the idea that you can spot reduce or that one part of your body should be perfect. The thing that makes me so mad is when these ridiculous pins have no backsite to them, so it’s a dead image! Instead, let’s talk about how to tone up those muscles and include some strength training into the weekly workouts. I feel bad for anyone who thinks they have to have thinner thighs, lose arm fat, burn 100 calories in 2 minutes, etc.
If I just do some jumping jacks, crunches, squats, and push ups, there is no way I would burn 100 calories.
Building those lean muscles that will in turn give you a toned body, and burn a few calories themselves. That would mean if I did it 4 times it would equal the amount of effort running 5 miles takes. Or, maybe it’s just denial of what we know to be true and a wish for what we want to be true??

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