Start with hands and knees, then drop arms while extending legs and resting to the balls of feet. This procedure above is a simple and effective way to burn your abdominal fats in just 2 weeks. So, you want to burn your abdominal fats but cannot seem to start because of the conventional hard-to-perform crunches which you think are the only ways to do it. The good news is that you can make your core stronger and flatten your abs without doing any crunches.
This review suggested that full-body exercises such as squats are effective in activating some core muscles more than any other core exercises such as planks, crunches and similar workouts. There is a set of full-body exercises that you can do in a Life Time Fitness gym or a Curves gym which will challenge your abdominal muscles much more than crunches.

Swing your raised leg to the right and your raised arm to the left, without moving your hips.
Lie back on a bench having your head, shoulders and butt on the bench with your legs bent and your feet on the floor. In these exercises, every movement you make will tighten your core and stabilize your body. There are now many ways you can lose the fats in your abs without doing those nasty crunches.
These full-body exercises also double up as great fat burning tools that can flatten your abs more effectively than crunches. Try to reach the ceiling with your left arm while keeping your right arm down on your side.

Return your arms to their starting position while maintaining the straightness of your torso all the time.
With that, it is right to know some exercises to help burn your abdominal fat just in 14 days.

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