While the concept of listening to music while you sweat isn’t exactly breaking news, it does help to know a few reasons behind why it works. Ever heard the saying, “You’re only as strong as your weakest link?” Well, in this case, you’re only as powerful as your weakest muscle.
The fact of the matter is if you always train alone or with people of your own ability level, you are missing opportunities to exceed your own expectations. It is worth mentioningthat if you get less than 6 hours a sleep a day, your metabolism will get slowed down by 25%. From seasoned gym-goers to the ‘I’ll just stick to cardio’ individuals, there’s always something to be learned. Relative to your athletic ability, the concept remains the same for everyone: Interval training refers to periods of intense work followed by periods of rest or recovery. Going to the gym and consistently working one body part is ineffective for total-body wellness, and it’s a good recipe for injury. In order to avoid the dreaded plateau, you have to continue adding intensity to your workout. It makes you forget the negative going on outside and helps you be present and focus on the workout at hand—and even enjoy it more and push harder, per a recent study.

Having someone around who inspires (or intimidates) you will always make you up your intensity level.
Also, every workout has a musicality to it, whether it’s simply the rhythm of your breath (see above) or the cadence of your movement.
If you’re running at a comfortable pace, for instance, your body has plenty of time to flush it away.
Whether you’re strength training or doing Pilates, efficient breath is crucial for delivering oxygen to the muscles to help you get the most out of your workout. As you start to work harder, the lactic acid starts to build up, leaving you with both burning muscles and a burning desire to stop. Go for a run or hike if you’re lacking on the cardio, try a yoga class if you know your flexibility needs work, or hit the dumbbells if you’re addicted to spin class. If you’re one to regularly hit the weights, you’ve probably heard that you should exhale on the exertion or “effort” part of the exercise.
By syncing with these time signals, we can keep a steady pace and use our energy more efficiently, thereby adding power to the workout. Interval training is all about learning to cope when you do reach that lactate threshold, so you can run faster for longer.

Keep switching it up so your body is always guessing; the more diverse your cross-training is, the more powerful your you’ll be.
This is because when you exhale, you’re essentially contracting the respiratory and core muscles, which allows you to brace yourself and in return give you more power during the rep, while also supporting your lower lumbar spine. In the meantime, doing more intense interval training for a shorter amount of time will help improve your stamina.
Basically, your playlist has the power to get you moving, no matter how much you’re dreading it. Holding your breath can increase pressure inside the chest and keep blood from flowing to your heart, which is bad news.

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