But let's face it, at the age of forty losing weight can be especially challenging for women, because it's at that age when hormonal imbalances begin to cause the dreaded pre-menopausal symptoms, including weight gain. So, if losing weight was a challenge in your younger years it becomes a bigger issue at age forty, and f it was not an issue before, it will become one from now on.
So let's  be honest, regardless of your age, unless you learn how to eat right, and get plenty of exercise. Think about it, when was the last time you reached a goal, won anything, or got what you wanted by doing things that sabotaged your objectives?
You first had to think about what you wanted, then you found a way to get it until you got it. Not to be dramatic but the fact is our brain starts to set things in motion to prepare our bodies for the last stage in all living organisms: death, which happens right around the time our internal slows down the ticking and the brain signals all organs in our body to slow down and stop growing.
Fortunately for us in this day and age we are likely to stick around way past our 40's and 50's, regardless of what our ticking clocks might be telling us, so we might as well learn how to stay healthy and more importantly, away from hospitals as much as possible. The way I see it, it's not a matter of IF we are going to live to the age of 80, but of  the type of quality of life we will have by then in terms of health and strength.
The fact is, lean muscle mass in the body is reduced significantly as we age, which affects metabolic rate. The good news is, if you increase your metabolic by eating protein -loaded, homemade meals(or minimally processed), and low carb dishes that include whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. Have your hormone levels checked, and discuss your options for hormone replacement treatments with your health practitioner, because even a small imbalance can sabotage your weight loss efforts.

Keep in mind that even if you eat a healthy diet, you will need to add exercise to lose weight after forty.
It's critical that you cut out the junk foods and start eating more fish and  lean meats; poultry, dairy, fresh fruit, vegetables, and go easy on the whole grains- because in spite of what you might have read about the wonders of whole grains, they ARE still carbs, and they will raise your blood sugar levels, leading to increased body fat. About Luz LaureanoI am a nutrition counselor, passionate about health and fitness, on a mission to inspire and motivate women who struggle to lose weight using science-based nutrition information. I agree, in fact lost of good quality sleep usually comes as a result of hormonal imbalances, and cortisol levels increase during stressful situations. The research carried out at the Baylor College showed that overweight individuals with metabolism disorders who drank vegetable juices lost more weight than those who didn’t. Before writing this post, I tried to find out if there were any recent researches into the role of Aerobics in burning fat. If you want to be suitably confused, please click on each of these links and read the content before anything else.
Just workout a little in the morning, before breakfast, and you will burn 300% extra body fat! I have been a Wing Chun practitioner since 1992, much before this particular martial art form was popularized by movies like Ip Man. If you are trying to find the best way to burn belly fat on a low or zero budget, you will want to make use of the free resources available on the net. Please leave a comment if A you find anything here that could be the best way to burn belly fat for YOU.

It takes some trial and error to figure out what healthy meals and snacks  to replace your usual ones with.
This will help you resist the temptation to run through the drive-thru at lunch, and from hitting the snack machine during the day. However, more than likely once you start eating healthier your hormones begin to do a better job of regulating your metabolism. Here are four sites, all with a lot of authority, that speak for and against Aerobics and related stuff as fat burning methods.
All of us students had one common element in our daily routine: we practised on an empty stomach in the morning. For the easiest way to melt stomach fat that works for you, understanding your current state of health is important.
Read THIS POST for perhaps the best meal plan available for free.A And I mean FREE as in no product to buy!
Find a type of exercise that you enjoy doing and do it often, every day if possible, especially some type of resistance training routine.

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