Recent Commentsmarcin on How a 27 year old northern monkey (one of our writers) trained & competed for the London Olympic triathlon whilst working, boozing, partying and attempting to maintain muscle mass and strength. Build muscle, burn fat, and reveal your beach-ready physique with this collection of workouts, nutrition articles, training tips, and more! Lift To Burn: 4 Barbell Complexes To Scorch Fat And Increase Strength Elite athletes have long used barbell complexes to burn fat and increase conditioning. Dangerous Curves: Get Your Glutes In Gear With Supersets Are your glutes locked in neutral? Abs Fuel: How To Build A Fat-Loss Meal Plan Many people would like to see ripped abs in the mirror, but not everybody knows how to get them. Fat Loss Fouls: 4 Cardio Mistakes You Might Be Making You may dislike cardio, but don't treat it as an afterthought! Michael Morelli founder of morellifit and Let's Get Fit Together, creator of the best selling HIIT MAX training system, and one of the world's leading fitness experts.
To create HIIT MAX, world-renowned fitness expert and creator of Six-Pack Finishers, Michael Morelli, combines the latest in metabolic conditioning, fat loss, and strength training into a never-before-seen program that you can do right from your living room.
You'll burn more calories both during and after your training by tapping into whata€™s referred to as the a€?after-burna€? effect.
Let me walk you through step by step, what to eat and when to truly turn on your fat burning furnace.
Nutrition is important to your success, this list will help you get the most out of your trips to the store. We go though every major aspect of training, nutrition and mindset to make sure you succeed. When You Invest In The NEW Lean Hybrid Muscle "Best Workouts" System Today, You Will Also Get Your Hands On The Following Bonuses FREE!
With these hard core, rugged exercises you will be able to take full advantage of the muscle building and fat burning response available only by eliciting type 3 muscle fibers.
With lifetime free updates you'll always be in the loop and never go without trusted training and nutrition information.

What if I told you that you could get a 10% off coupon to one of the biggest equipment, accessory, and workout gear sites on the web? Don't let anyone tell you that you have to buy lots of fancy new equipment to build the body you always dreamed of.
Today, Roy is still Elliot's go-to-guy when he has questions about fat loss and muscle building.
Alternate title: How To Burn Fat & Gain Muscle - Truth About Burning Fat Sample Training Workout & Meal Plan. Wild Salmon. One of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids that also gets you 20g protein per 100g serving. Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 70% monounsaturated fats that protect against heart diseases and cancer. Red Meat. Protein, vitamin B12, heme iron, zinc, creatine, carnosine and even omega-3 if you eat grass-fed beef. Oats. Reduce cholesterol, provide you with low-gi carbs for energy, and high in soluble fiber. Oranges. Vitamin C to fight diseases, magnesium to lower blood pressure, anti-oxidant beta-carotenes, etc. If you want to rule the sand with a ripped physique, you need to start your seasonal transformation now.
Get them in gear with these intense supersets and achieve the round, athletic curves you crave.
His unique approach to diet along with his cutting-edge workouts will drive you to achieve the best results of your life.
Plus, with these intense, fast-paced routines, youa€™ll burn as many calories per minute as you would if running at a 6-minute-per-mile pace.
Thata€™s because this type of training deprives your working muscles of oxygen, causing whata€™s called metabolic stress. Thata€™s because this program combines isometric holds with powerful dynamic movements to create more muscle tension for longer periods of time.

This guide will show you how you can design your own backyard, gym or wharehouse gym for Pennies On The Dollar!
There are lots of creative things you can do; like build your own sled for draggin, try some sandbag training, get a tire you can flip. Blast the music, grunt if you want to, and start growing muscle size from your own hardcore gym!
Spinach prevents muscle & bone loss, but also cancer and heart diseases because of its high nutrient profile. Quinoa is higher in fiber & protein than rice or oats, tastes a lot better and is gluten free. Drinking prevents water retention, helps muscle recovery and prevents dehydration from strength training. Green tea also speeds up fat loss, prevents cancer and improves blood sugar & circulation.
We've got the workouts, nutrition articles, and training tips you need to burn fat, build muscle, and carve a shredded summer body. Stop walking the treadmill like a zombie and try these alternative workouts that scorch fat and build strength!
Michael also holds a CPT-ISSA, RKC, CF-L1, as well as training and nutrition certifications from OPT.
Inside youa€™ll discover 6 additional HIIT MAX workouts to target and expose your entire core, leaving it stronger and tighter than ever before! Since you’ll probably struggle to get that from eating fatty fish, consider a fish oil supplement.

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