However for many people getting back on track can be confusing, challenging and even stressful.
Naturally a host of other factors like resistance training, HIIT, macro intake, recovery etc. However for some 24 hours can be a little too much and interfere with their business day or family commitments. Adding “structure” to IF means paying attention to how the body regulates hormones during different fasting conditions, most notably length and timing of commencement and ending of fast, time & intensity of training, nutritional intake before, after and rest of week, and not least making the fast as natural as possible to avoid stress and keep mentally strong. The human body is built for survival, and my whole training methodology is centered on triggering our “survival mode protocols” which force us to perform at our highest levels, why? Lastly and perhaps most importantly the body when fasted gives us a miracle that greatly assists fat loss.
This blog is written to offer some of you a real solution to offset some of the excess calories you consumed and will consume over the festive period. Now the thought of fasting can be daunting, and that’s why I recommend considering this method, which when you break it down is easy and still gives huge fat loss benefits. My system starts the fast at 7 pm and kicks off with a 45 min steady cardio session at 7.45pm.
Now by the time the cardio has finished you should feel very sleepy, and I recommend going to bed circa 9pm, again to avoid thinking about food. So I’ve covered how IF effects the body and how it activates “survival mode”.  Now you may ask why I’ve added a steady cardio and a HIIT session into the process? The body holds two types of fat “stubborn” (made up of a higher ratio of a2-receptors than b2 receptors) and “regular” (made up of a higher ratio of b2-receptors than a2-receptors). In my opinion where I see so many go wrong over Xmas is not following a “balanced” approach.

This provides a host of advantages which I will explain, but the biggest PLUS is the mental edge it gives you in allowing over indulgence days and the ability to immediately “snap out” of and “back into” your normal nutritional intake or new lifestyle platform.
For this reason I employ the easiest of all the intermittent fasting options “ 7pm -11am Fat Blast Fast”. Firstly I’ve avoided introducing a weights session during the fast, I would normally advise doing this the evening the fast ended so recovery conditions are primed, although there is plenty of data supporting weights sessions during fasts, its just my preference to omit as it feels very un natural. Activates b2 receptors and deactivates a2 receptors which then release the fat tissue from your fat cells (catecholamine) basically your “stubborn fat cells” have just made themselves available for burning!!
I prefer to use IF twice a week and or on days after a calorie OD to keep balance in my lifestyle platform.
Being in a social environment is closely linked with eating and drinking ( I personally don’t drink alcohol anymore ) and the more family members you see the more this trend is repeated!! Many will start a crazy intake of calories by drinking and eating the week before Xmas at office parties, then over the entire Xmas period and not stop to take a breath right past NYE until they return to work on the 6th January. I like to build in “recovery” days into my platforms and allow business dinners and other social engagements, which are essential to well being, life balance and self-development. As mentioned above, this is a great tool to use during the Xmas season and one that can offer advantages to fat loss all year round.
It follows that when your in a fasted state, the body is tricked that it needs to hunt for food, avoid being hunted all on low energy, thus it produces adrenaline which sharpen your senses and make you more alert, this then kick starts the body into using energy from glucose and fat stores as primary energy sources. Therefore a very intense 20 mins HIIT session at this point will really ignite the fat burning process, in fact I would submit that this the absolute optimum time to engage a HIIT session. This then becomes almost a normal environment, the added body fat, decreased fitness levels can lead to lower self esteem and confidence which makes it harder to break this bad cycle post 6th Jan and suddenly you in a rut with what seems no way out. I will fit in some HIIT sessions but only if they fit round the day not the day fit round my sessions.

After a couple of days of over eating you feel full, fat, sleepy, dopey, maybe even guilty. Its always business BEFORE fitness and a life of grilled chicken and still water does you no favors on the networking circuit. I find I have the most euphoric and sensational workouts in a fasted state as my adrenaline levels are amped up and in overdrive!
INCORRECT the body knows it needs to protect its most valuable hunting asset, muscle mass which is needed for running faster, killing pray and overcoming predators.
When the body is an unfed state insulin levels begin to drop off allowing more fat to be used as fuel until you hit a fat furnace state whereby fat becomes your primary energy source. Now the mind adapts to habit quickly and after periods of relaxing it can be hard to re-engage to the harder of the two-lifestyle options if you allow yourself total disassociation with normality. I employ a every easy fasting method from  7pm 11am (16 hrs) that jolts your metabolism, erasing the excess calories you’ve consumed and because its as simple challenge and one you can normally see some visual changes and feel good energy , this sends a very positive message to your brain that you can achieve , that you will not allow a few days of excess to become habit or cause any effect on your body and that you can at will come in and out of “good, bad” eating habits because YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR BODY.
It therefore increases human growth hormone HGH levels which help to build and retain lean muscle mass. Humans are therefore used to and easily function whilst fasting, however most of the population will fast haphazardly like above as opposed to intermittent fasting where there is structure to the fasting windows. Well the human body never fails to amaze me when it goes into survival mode; it demonstrates just how much it wants you to live and can summon up the impossible to ensure your survival.

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