For those of you who follow my workouts on my Facebook page, you know that full body workouts are my favorite, and for good reason!
To be clear, a full body workout means you are exercising your entire body with all muscle groups being stimulated in one workout, while a split routine separates muscle groups, or movement patterns into workouts on different days. Choosing the appropriate muscle-building workout program is important if you are to maximize the time you spend exercising and get clear body changing results.
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Tabata, a popular type of interval training, is named after Japanese professor Izumi Tabata who co-authored a 1996 study that found intense four-minute workouts done five days a week for six weeks improved your VO2 max (maximal oxygen consumption) and anaerobic energy supply system. Full body workouts can be performed over the course of just two or three days a week, they helpĀ prevent plateaus, especially when you're constantly manipulating your exercises and changing the moves you do.
Now I am not saying that spit routines are not good, I find them very helpful when I want to take a day and target a specific body part or body section I find fault with, but to get the most out of a routine, Full Body workouts are the way to go for most.
Adaptations of Tabata allow for 20-60 minute workouts all of which have short, intense work periods followed by short rest periods.

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