I weight train and exercise regularly and have been for about 7 months now but my legs still have a layer of fat that won't seem to go away, although I work them out with weights, squats and lunges.
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Be sure to keep a food log for at least a week to pinpoint problem areas such as candy, alcohol, soda, and processed foods.

You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Aim to set a gradual caloric deficit beginning with 250 calories and eventually removing 500 to 700 calories. 7 EXERCISE MOVES FOR LEAN The Ultimate Leg Workout: The Best Leg Exercises for Big Thigh Slimming Exercises and Thigh Toning Exercises. This page lists some of the best thigh exercises What is the most effective way to open up tight calf muscles Walking is a very effective way to lose weight fast and slim down your thighs.
The muscles you gain from strength training will boost your metabolism which helps to blast fat.

This routine Thigh Exercises for 2 Steps To Thinner Thighs - Fitness Our expert Jessica Smith can show you how to get thinner thighs in 7 days.

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