Start with hands and knees, then drop arms while extending legs and resting to the balls of feet.
This procedure above is a simple and effective way to burn your abdominal fats in just 2 weeks.
Whether you’re trying to shed some pounds to get your body bikini ready for the summer, or you want to lose weight to feel better about yourself, changing your diet is an important part of reaching your goal. While you probably already know that a bacon cheeseburger with a side of cheese fries and ice cream sundaes topped with extra chocolate sauce and whipped cream aren’t nowhere near diet-friendly, you may not be aware that some of the foods that you might think will do your waistline good, may actually not be as great for weight loss as you thought.
The good news is that there are certain foods that can help curb your appetite and burn more calories—or both! You may have heard that nuts are full of fat, which may make you think that they aren’t good for losing weight. It turns out that your morning cup o’ Joe does more than just give you a burst of energy; it also helps you burn fat. Knowing the right kind of oil to use for cooking makes a whole world of difference. Ditch the vegetable oil and replace it with coconut oil. Chop up some hot peppers or sprinkle hot pepper flakes on your food that could help you burn some fats. Sometimes when your body is dehydrated, it sends out signals that may be mistaken as hunger. One of my friend, asked me a month back that  she has been working out regularly and has been following all rules of healthy eating, from last three months.  Yet, she has not been able to burn any fat. So I asked her to have Omega 3 supplements for one month and see the difference in her body fat levels herself.
These are the fats that are solid at room temperature like butter, animal fats, coconut oil, all animal fats etc.
These are the fats that are liquid at room temperature like all oils except the coconut oil. This is also the category of fats that we should be consuming for all the good things that I mentioned above.

Sources: They are found in all the vegetable oils like sunflower oil, safflower oil, soya bean oils.
Improving this ratio is the reason those Omega 3 supplements that I suggested my friend helps fat burning.
It is not a big deal to have supplements given that the kind of food that we have these days. Tulika, if you take it unnecessarily, without any of the above symptoms or if you do not have good quality supplements then it will have side effects. My mom had prepared laddos with flax seed (powdered), roasted peanuts (powdered),jaggery and desi ghee (to bind them). While it’s true that nuts are high in fat, they are high in good fat; monounsaturated fats. Evidence suggests that it helps to boost metabolism, thus increases the amount of fat you burn. It’s chock full of so many good things, including a lovely little group of fats known as medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). It contains EGCG, an antioxidant that increases your ability to free fatty acids from your fat stores, which equals fat burning! Studies have shown that a diet rich in protein can speed up the metabolism, helping you to burn as much as 80 to 100 extra calories a day! Hot peppers contain capsaicin, which reduces the appetite and at the same time helps boost metabolism. If you’re trying to lose weight, you’ll be delighted to learn that it can also aid in weight loss. She pretty much seems to have the same body fat levels even, after three months of efforts. If you remember some chemistry from school than you would know of saturated (double) and unsaturated bonds(single) bonds. Although, we have enough of omega 6 in our diet as we daily, eat food cooked in oils which have Omega 6.

But before you have vitamin supplies, it is a good idea to go for a blood test to find the deficiencies. I m learning so many things from u everyday Tell me something, are Saffola etc really better than other oils? But i m a hypo thyroid patient , so is it good for me to have fish oi or anything else as you suggest??? Bear in mind to drink only organic, freshly brewed coffee without the creamer and sugar, not the instant ones!
Eating the whole egg (white and yolk) provides your body with complete amino acid for complete protein synthesis. These MUFA has fatty acids chain with one unsaturated(double bonds), which are easy to break and digest. Also it is equally important to have either of dairy fats, nuts and seeds atleast 2 times a day, with the main meal or as a meal in itself. For now, would just say that it is the best and is very very essential to be had regularly. Here’s a look at 10 different foods and drinks that can help you burn fat – and they’re all backed by scientific evidence.
It also has certain vitamins, which make MUFA esp those that come from olives, healthy for heart. Your fat does not budge even after putting a lot of efforts or you do not eat either fish, walnuts or flaxseeds regularly. I guess I have made you curious about goods fats and should now directly get to what good fats are and how can we include them in our diet?
With that, it is right to know some exercises to help burn your abdominal fat just in 14 days.

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