Are you a fitness addict who wants to be able to track all your metrics in the most reliable manner? The new Amiigo is the latest calorie-tracking device that will do things that no other unit is capable of, and give you the most accurate results possible.
The most popular devices include the Polar wrist-watch, Holistic Wrist Jawbone Up, Nike+ FuelBand and Fitbit activity trackers. At the end of the day, these devices most often prove to be little more than glorified pedometers. The gadgets are still useful, in that you can establish a benchmark for specific activities and they encourage you to meet or beat prior results, but they certainly lack some advanced metrics that would be of great benefit to everyone trying to achieve more specific fitness goals. The device is smart enough to distinguish outside jogging from the treadmill or eliptical machine and even adjusts calories burned for a sloppy stride vs a more athletic gait. As people are becoming more aware that an overall calorie deficit is how the body burns fat, they are becoming more interested in tracking calories consumed and calories burned.

You wear these gadgets and they track your overall activity levels for the day and allow you to upload your data for daily tracking and further analysis.
More advanced units will also take heart rate into consideration and adjust the caloric burn for a few more activities.
This indiegogo startup project will be released in the coming months and it’s revolutionary. You can share data and compete against your friends, share results on Facebook and earn points for new milestones. Still, there’s no way to track your bench press efforts or weight training of any kind. I’d gladly pay $100 for this if it comes even close to what it’s supposed to do! The Amiigo will track heart rate, calories burned, speed, intensity and any type of exercise you throw at it.

The device had no idea that you were doing squats so intensely that you felt like puking after 40 minutes.
It also tracks variables never before possible, such as blood oxygen levels and skin temperature. You’ll be pretty discouraged to learn that you seemingly only burned 50 calories while giving it your all.

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