Instead, optimize your workout with interval training, or a mix of different speeds and inclines.
If burning fat is your game, spending 40 minutes at the same tempo is both completely unnecessary and unhelpful.
For the most efficient interval workout, Staley recommends beginning with an easy jog for three to five minutes. If you’re looking for a different way take your treadmill workout to the next level, Exposito suggests running without turning the machine on.
The best of running gear for winter: Now, "Baby, it's cold outside," doesn't stand as an excuse not to go.
The next time you’re tempted to hit the treadmill when the temperature dips, consider this: Working out in cold weather may actually burn more calories than working out where it’s warm. To make your favorite cold weather activities feel more like work and less like play—after all, you’re  mixing up your gym routine, not taking a day off—track your progress. Can Extreme Endurance Exercise Kill?Listen up, marathoners: A group of researchers claim that running too hard or too long is bad for your heart. Epic Exercise Battle: What’s the Best Way to Lose Weight?A new study pits aerobic exercise against resistance training—find out which one wins the title for weight loss champion.
Fist bump ?? to getting your sweat on and feeling stronger and fitter than you ever have before! Exercising in the cold torches extra calories since your body has to work to keep you warm. A study from the University of Utah found that basal (resting) metabolic rate increases in cold temperatures because staying warm requires more work from your body.

Start with a three to five minute warmup, and increase the incline until you’re at 80 or 90 on the heart rate monitor.
For a great Tabata-style workout, do this exercise for 20 seconds with 10 seconds of recovery time for a total of four minutes.
Winter Walking Better Than Gym Workout?Sports & Fitness Jan 12, 2016 800 Walking in cold weather can replace a serious workout, as it forces the body to burn fat stores more intensively.
Depending on the weight of your shovel and if you make sure to alternate your hands every five minutes, the benefits could be similar to a short kettlebell workout. This is the conclusion the Australian researchers have made during the experiment.The work of the scientists from Australia showed that low temperatures help fight obesity. Once your gear is set, try these winter activities to burn extra body fat when the mercury drops. In fact, Nordic skiing, where you ski up hills, burns more calories than any other exercise or sport. Next time you have to dig out your car, strap on a heart rate monitor and you may not have to hit the gym after work! The experts have concluded that exposure to cold for 10-15 minutes exceeds an hour of training on a stationary bike in terms of energy expenditure.
During the experiment, the lightly dressed volunteers went to the room where the air was cooled down to minus 8 degrees.
While the volunteers were there, the temperature dropped even more, eventually reaching minus 11 degrees. According to experts, at the temperature of minus 9 degrees, people’s muscles started to shiver from the cold, struggling with the loss of heat.

The names of these hormones will say nothing to plain people, but the experts explain that both hormones are involved in burning calories intensely.
Paul Lee, both hormones made white fat cells generate heat (that is burn accumulated calories), thereby performing the role of brown fat.Then the volunteers were asked to work out on a stationary bike. However, people had to train for an hour until their body developed the same amount of irisin as the hormone formed after 10-15 minutes in the cold. This allowed the scientists to suggest that exercises were comparable with the processes, occurring in the body during cold stress.It is not the first time the scientists notice the activation of brown fat in the body under the influence of cold.
For example, last year, the scientists at the Karolinska Institute (Sweden), together with their colleagues from the University of Shandong (China) conducted an experiment with mice, exposing them to freezing temperatures. This idea was based on the opinions that brown fat helped to get rid of extra fat reserves. It appeared, however, that the activation of brown fat in the cold increased the risk of cardiovascular diseases, as it facilitated the floating of atherosclerotic plaques in blood. So you should be very careful with the statement that the cold can make you slimmer and healthier.

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