The marathon and triathlon seasons are fully underway and this year over half a million people will complete the marathon and thousands more participate in triathlons and other endurance events. A common refrain amongst most endurance coaches is that you must consume a heavy carbohydrate meal before your long run or bike to perform your best. By maximizing your capacity to burn fat for fuel, you’ll also be sparing precious muscle glycogen, the carbohydrate stores in your muscle. A traditional high carb diet would be broken down to approximately 60% carbs, 15% protein, and 25% fat. Traditionally, it was believed that somewhere between 35-65% of your maximum heart rate you switch from burning fat for fuel to carbohydrates. If you ingest primarily carbohydrates your body quickly shifts over to burning the ingested carbs, and your body’s glycogen stores, for fuel. For example, you could start your day with a coffee and a tablespoon or two of coconut oil or MCT oil. Train your body to burn more fat and watch your performance, as well as your health, reap the benefits! It cannot be overstated that you can’t just eat a lot of fat and protein on the day before a marathon and expect to finish in one piece! But it’s a FACT that endurance athletes who make the switch to keto-adaptation do very, very well. Combined with a Paleo Diet plan also known as the caveman diet and a set of Workouts designed for both beginners & pro, Ken Burge has come up with a sweet solution with this weight loss product, the Paleo Burn Fat Burner System.
A fairly new product in the market, Paleo Burn has been getting some positive reaction from many users today. Paleo Burn (formerly known as Primal Burn) makes use of the Paleolithic Diet – a method devised and proven years ago as an effective way to lose weight.
The Paleo Burn product is basically a reintroduction of the Paleo Diet but with a more in depth approach. If you’re looking to lose some weight and start living a healthier lifestyle, start reading further and find out exactly what this program has to offer. The Paleo Burn stands out from other weight loss programs because it teaches a very different concept from the ones currently promised by other diet programs.
Going through the product lead page, it is immediately obvious that the author is promising lots of benefits from the product. The true information about what it takes to develop a trim and healthy body, regardless of a person’s age or gender.
Readers will find out about The Primal Lifestyle Pattern Response and how to use it to your advantage. Find out the 7 Fat Lies being circulated nowadays about alleged weight loss products and why they should be avoided at all costs.
How to naturally trigger the body’s ability to start burning off weight without resorting to boring and tiring workout routines. Introduction of a Nutrition Chart that shows exactly what food types should be avoided to obtain a trim body.
Readers will have a good idea about meal scheduling and when is the best eating time to increase their body’s metabolism.
Some people just have to eat their favorite foods regardless of how “unhealthy” they may be. Provides a step-by-step approach on how to continue with the Paleo Diet until the reader gets exactly what they want – whether it may take several weeks or months. The author expands on the different supplements in the market and whether or not they can be useful when used with the Paleo Burn diet.
Offers several strategies on how followers can keep their will strong and stay on track while practicing the diet. It also informs readers about the best ways to gain the most during sleep, therefore triggering the body to burn fat even while at rest.

Finally, it introduces a method for individuals to create their own diet system that helps meet their weight goal. The Paleo Burn is targeted for anyone who believes that they can live fitter and healthier lives. The product takes into account “diet cheats” and gives users a non-harmful way to still eat their favorite treats. All bases covered; there aren’t any “heavy” cons to Paleo Burn that can cause others to completely ignore the product. It’s not as hard as other weight loss programs out there – but it will take some willpower on the part of a person. Upon reading dozens of feedback about the product, there are no cited side-effects to following this program. Paleo Burn promises rapid weight loss – perhaps more than 3 pounds within a week, depending on how well users follow the regimen.
What’s impressive about Paleo Burn is that it introduces a comprehensive system for weight loss that covers not just diet but also workouts. All in all, the Paleo Burn fat burner system promises to be something worth getting for those who are aiming for weight loss. Whether they’re entering an event for the first time or trying to achieve a personal best time, one of the most common questions I get asked by clients is “what should I eat before my long run?” The answer may surprise you! High carbohydrate breakfasts of oatmeal, cereals, and juice or the classic ‘carb-load’ pasta dinner are staple recommendations from many top endurance coaches. When carbohydrates are ingested they are preferentially burned for fuel and provide 4 calories per gram of energy. You have approximately 500g of glycogen stored primarily in your muscles (and some in your liver) that can provide you with 2,000 calories of energy during your race. Jeff Volek PhD is a world-renowned researcher and author of the FASTER (Fat-Adapated Substrate oxidation in Trained-Elite-Runners) study due to be released later this year. A low-carb diet would dramatically increase the fat intake to 70%, provide slightly more protein at 20%, and carbs would only make up 10% of the total daily energetic intake. However, if you eat primarily fats and protein before exercise you’ll be able to tap into your fat reserves more effectively. You don’t need to rely on an endless array of gels, powders, and pills to produce the best possible endurance race times.
The caffeine helps stimulate lipolysis, the breakdown of body-fat stores to free fatty acids for fuel and the MCTs provide the added instant energy source. If you are purely performance-based and striving for new personal bests than you may want to tread lightly.
Marc Bubbs, ND is a Naturopathic Doctor, Strength Coach, Author, Speaker, and Blogger practicing in Toronto, Canada. For approval, comments need to be relevant to the article and free of profanities and personal attacks. Whole-fat dairy is an essential feature of the VLC approach as Volek and Phinney practice and study it.
Authored by Ken Burge, the Paleo Diet promises to reveal the ultimate secret to weight loss.
The Paleo Diet is basically an eating method where individuals only eat the same foods that were eaten during the Paleolithic era. The product promises to initiate weight loss without forcing individuals to completely turn their backs from their favorite food items. The theory behind the practice is that the carbohydrate-rich processed foods are the ones triggering weight gain in many people today. According to the author, the eBook will reveal the top food types that will trigger the release of hormones capable of burning off fat. It also lets readers know what they can eat in large amounts and which ones can be taken in moderation.

This is why the product also offers a schedule for “cheat meals” wherein individuals can eat what they want without paying for it. These customized systems would make it easier for users to adopt a weight loss technique that is appropriate for their lifestyle. Interested individuals however, should keep in mind that it is an all-encompassing weight loss regimen.
Hence, it’s important that you understand – Paleo Burn is NOT a shortcut weight loss system. Hence, everything individuals will need to increase effectiveness is already provided in the product. The main website of Paleo Burn shows dozens of skeptics being turned into believers as they literally watched themselves losing weight through the product.
Considering all facets of the product (diet, workout, testimonials, plans, charts and guides), it isn’t surprising that many are impressed and intrigued about the program.
When fats are ingested, or burned from body stores, they provide 9 calories per gram of fuel. In contrast, even lean individuals between 7-14% body-fat have 20,000-30,000 calories available for energy use in their fat stores. This allows you to spare your muscle glycogen for further along in the race, when you really need it! If you are engaging in endurance sports to lose weight this is critical, as your excess carbohydrate consumption is likely holding you back from achieving a better body and better health. Alternatively, you could have eggs with avocado and a serving a stir-fried kale or spinach.
He believes that diet, exercise, and lifestyle factors have the most profound impact on your overall health and performance. Protein and carbs are lower in VLC than in Paleo, and salt is an essential component of VLC. Considering how many weight loss products today are fairly hard to follow, this promise from Paleo Burn is an intriguing concept. What it encourages is eating what our ancestors ate during the hunting and gathering phase which are animals and plants.
As long as you are convinced of losing weight and willing to start with a fat loss program – the Paleo Burn is for you.
As it stands, the Diet System of the product is capable of delivering weight loss as promised. Taking the diet system into consideration, the workout manages to speed up weight loss and boost user energy. To sum it up: this product works and would be the ideal choice for anyone who wants weight loss. You are effectively doubling your fuel efficiency if you use fat are your primary fuel source from the outset.
Volek and his team are investigating the impact of very low-carb diets on an athlete’s capacity to burn fat for fuel, compared to the traditional high-carb diets used by endurance athletes. This will allow your body to burn fat for fuel more effectively, as well as improving your health.
However, in a sport like endurance training where carbohydrates are king, this compelling new research highlights that we still have a ways to go in understanding how to most effectively fuel the body for endurance performance.

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