Does figure hugging tops, T-Shirts and dresses tempt you, but you cannot wear them due to your big tummy?  Tummy fat is only due to high calorie diet and inactivity. Things like cookies, white bread, donuts, pizzas, etc should be avoided as these foods have bad or high GI carbs. Alcohol contains no nutrients like junk food, only calories, and that is why it is not used by the body and stored in the form of fat in the tummy.
Nobody will ever say that one can reduce tummy fat without exercise except for those who are trying to market their products like weight loss tablets and creams. Crunches and other tummy fat burning exercises are very important as these are fast fat burners.
If you do not like running on a treadmill or walking or jogging in a joggers park then you can also go for your favourite outdoor game, swimming, aerobics, or any other fun exercise that can make you sweat like crazy.
Try to reduce your stress by taking proper sleep, exercising and doing other activities that makes you happy. These are made up of refined flour which is not good for your health as well as your stomach.
So increase the intake of pulses, fruits, vegetables, oats, dry fruits (just handful once a day), etc.
You should take the last meal of your day two hours before sleeping as this much time is taken by your body to digest food. When you are under high stress, there is an increase in steroid hormone, named cortisol, in your body which in turn responsible for breaking down of lean body muscle and storing fat in the belly.

Things which you can do to reduce stress are running, cooking, playing with your children, playing with pets, gardening, painting, long walks, etc. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! It hampers digestion and causes many stomach problems leading to fat accumulation in that area.
It is recommended that you prepare your breads, cookies, cakes at home using whole wheat flour with less sugar. When you eat late and go straight to bed, your body sugar level rises, but at that time the activity level is zero. Alcohol also dehydrates the body so it is recommended that you take a glass of water after every peg.
No doubt, tummy fat, especially in women is stubborn, but not difficult to burn if you follow the following rules. These types of foods increases blood sugar level in the body which in turn hampers fat loss and increases appetite. These foods are rich in nutrients and keeps you satisfied for two to three hours.At last I would say, dedication and hard work can do anything in this world and can even challenge your genes. It is not possible for your body to metabolise too much carbohydrates at once and as a result it stores the food in the form of fat. Elizabeth and Issac’s Breathtaking Wedding Photos + Super Romantic Graduation ProposalMay 23, 2016 Real Wedding Are You Going To Dance If I Show You My Money?

Check Out The Money Sprayed On This Couple At Their Traditional WeddingMay 19, 2016 Real Wedding Perfect Timing! Poor PostureHowever, to curb this bogus bulgy tummy we should be committed to this practices.1. Enhancement of Liver function:The liver as we all know is a vital organ of the digestive system which aid in detoxification, protein synthesis, and production of biochemicals necessary for digestion. It also produces bile, an alkaline compound which aids in digestion via the emulsification of lipids. In other for the liver to function properly you need to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, with adequate macro and micro nutrients.
Drink Water:Many get confused between being thirsty, tired or hungry, and end up nibbling sugary or fatty food. One need to drink 6 – 8 glasses of water, though this depends on your weight and lifestyle. Short Bursts:According to recent studies, instead of working out for hours or running a few miles, doing short bursts of active exercises is very helpful in reducing stubborn fat. For example, if you are walking on a treadmill, randomly increase the speed for a few seconds and get back to walking.

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