Prescribed burning is a management tool widely used by foresters, parks departments, range and wildlife managers, ranchers and other landowners to manage excessive natural fuels under very specific and safe conditions. Please see the modules below for information about the Board, the Prescribed Burn Program, and resources for prescribed burning.
The PBB certifies commercial, private, and not-for-profit prescribed burn mangers to ensure that they have the proper training, experience and insurance responsibility to protect themselves and those they serve.

Many states across the United States have a large percentage of public land, making statewide coordinated prescribed burn plans feasible.
However, 98 percent of Texas’ land is privately held, which makes having a statewide plan more difficult.
In Texas, better utilization of prescribed burning as a management tool will require state, local and landowner collaboration to ensure we are managing over resources in a way that will actually reduce wildfires, rejuvenate wildlife habitat, provide control of invasive brush and improve watersheds.

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