With Christmas just around the corner, your fitness and healthy eating program can go out of the window. Resistance training is one of the best ways to avoid gaining belly fat at any time – not only at Christmas.
Another way to avoid gaining belly fat over Christmas is to get some cardio exercise into your day.
One of the main reasons for gaining belly fat during the Christmas holidays is over-eating lots of high-calorie, non-nutritious foods. Everywhere you go somebody is offering you a mince pie, a chocolate or a sweetie treat.
Christmas can be a stressful time and stress is a one of the reasons for gaining belly fat. When you’re very stressed, your body releases cortisol, which can increase fat storage in the abdominal area.
Eating the right foods, keeping active and having the right mindset will help you to avoid gaining belly fat. This entry was posted in BEST WAY TO LOSE BELLY FAT, HOW TO GET FLAT ABS FAST and tagged belly fat diet menu planning, Big Fat Belly Gain, Fat Belly Weight Gain, Fat Belly Women Gain, Foods that Fight Belly Fat, Reasons for Gaining Belly Fat, Tips For Losing Belly Fat on December 6, 2013 by Flat Abs. Maybe I'm being impatient because it has only been a week, but I'm paranoid about losing muscle because I always felt that I was one of those "skinny fat people" you talk about and I've lost muscle before doing crash diets. I bought your Burn the Fat, Feed the muscle program and I'm doing it right this time - all by the book. Generally you shouldn't worry too much about one week's results, even if there's a significant fluctuation (in the wrong direction).
First, keep in mind it's unlikely that you will lose a pound in a week and lose 0% fat, and therefore assume you lost 100% muscle.
There's margin for error in calipers and your water weight can fluctuate greatly in either direction, masking body composition change. One of the best new terms I've heard added to the body composition vernacular in recent years comes from Alan Aragon. Given the fact that your bodyweight and your LBM can fluctuate up and down so much in the short term based on inconsequential changes, you should pay much more attention to the trend over time than short term dips or valleys.
This of course requires that you use the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle technique of weekly progress charting (discussed in chapter 4).
I am however, very much in favor of gathering weekly feedback and making quick course corrections. If all signs point toward confirming muscle loss, you might make a program adjustment (nutrition and or training) after just one week even if it's precautionary. While I agree that we shouldn't panic about temporary fluctuations, I disagree with that premise about body comp testing less frequently. Wouldn't it have been easier to keep a close eye on progress more often and change course before getting too far off track?
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It’s really easy to gain a pound or two over the festive period and while that doesn’t sound like much, what you put on now can stick around long into the new year.
If you’re going to be short on time and it’s going to be difficult to get to the gym, try to find at least 10 minutes each day for simple exercise.
Being high in sugar means alcohol contains lots of calories – seven calories a gram in fact, almost as many as pure fat! Two bottles of beer can have more calories than a large slice of pizza.
Also many people turn to comfort foods, like chocolate to cope with stress. The key is to be aware your stress and try different strategies before turning to food for comfort and relief. You could speed up fat loss with a larger deficit, but you'll want to be sure your weight loss is fat before doing so.
On a Fitcast show podcast, he made a distinction between "essential lean body mass" and "nonessential lean body mass." I thought that was a brilliant way to express this difference between muscle tissue and other miscellaneous lean body mass.
For example, if your progress chart shows two, three or more weeks in a row with loss of lean body mass you can feel fairly safe in assuming that some of that is loss of muscle and corrective action should be taken. After just one week, you would still be prudent to ask yourself whether you think that measurement and assessment (lost lbm) is correct, based on everything else you see going on - such as how you look in the mirror, your strength level, etc.
I know trainers who insist that weekly body composition testing is too often because body composition doesn't change that much in a week. I believe in getting frequent feedback and making frequent course corrections when necessary. He checks his instrumentation constantly en route, and though he is actually veering off course all the time, he makes constant course corrections, eventually arriving in LA as if he went in a straight line (in reality he zig-zagged his way there, actually getting where he wanted to go as a result of going off course). I hope you see the obvious relevance of this analogy to your body composition improving endeavors. Tom is a lifetime natural bodybuilder and fat loss expert who achieved an astonishing ripped 3.7% body fat level without drugs or supplements.
This ten minute workout is designed to go beyond just toning to include burning belly fat, defining abdominals, strengthening the core. Repeat this workout three times weekly for best results. Review the videos below for correct form of each exercise. Don’t miss out on the latest and greatest from SkinnyMs. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter. I have bad hips because of a birth defect and cannot risk injuring them by doing things such as jumping jacks.
It does not take much time or equipment to work your muscles and keep your metabolism going. For example, use the stairs at work, park your car a bit further away from your destination so you have to walk further (and faster!) or get off one stop early if you’re using public transport. You can also plan activities during the Christmas break like a walk after lunch or some games in the park. To avoid gaining belly fat when enjoying your favorite tipple over Christmas, opt for a low calorie mixer or soda.
If not corrected, the course deviation would continue to widen, and just a few hours later, our pilot may wake up and find himself in Alaska! Make sure your weight training program is properly designed to help you get stronger and you are working on increasing your strength. Be certain that (a) you are not overtraining in duration or intensity, (b) you are allowing adequate recovery time in between workouts (appropriate frequency of training), and (c) you are allowing appropriate recovery for your body (some people can thrive on higher volume, higher frequency training, others cannot). Studies on concurrent endurance and strength training show that cardio can interfere with strength at levels of more than 3 days a week especially if all the cardio you do is high in intensity.
It has been shown not only to help improve performance during strength and anaerobic training, but also to help prevent muscle loss. High intensity intervals combined with core exercises will give you fabulous abs in record time.

If you are stuck for time, do your workout in the morning so it’s done before everything else gets in the way. Take what you want and then going sit somewhere else. Don’t starve yourself waiting for one big meal.
Also drinking water between alcoholic drinks is a good way to reduce your calorie intake and also helps to keep you hydrated. Should I drop my calories further or does it sometimes take more than a week for things to start taking effect?
Sure, he could change course in Alaska, but he would have taken a time-consuming and costly detour. Below 100 grams neuroendocrine abnormalities such as decreased thyroid conversion may occur. However some people - women in particular - avoid serious weight training and almost everyone misses workouts or just goes through the motions from time to time. The research also showed neuro-endocrine adaptation to calorie restriction and increased hunger which could indicate likelihood to eat ones way out of calorie deficit.
However, for maximum fat loss, it's beneficial to include frequent cardio, so this is a conflict of opposing goals. Try combining exercises together to save time, such as squats with an overhead press or lunges with a bicep curl. Eating small, healthy meals or snacks throughout the day can keep your energy up and help you enjoy your main meal without feeling like you’re starving and then over-eating. Deep breathing can help slow your heart rate and blood pressure while relaxing the muscles and calming the mind.
Even the contents of your digestive system will show up as lean body mass in some body composition tests, right? If results aren't forthcoming, you can't afford to not get the most from every workout, let alone miss.
If you're doing body weight exercise or non-progressive types of strength training (if you're bopping around in your living room with a DVD "workout"), it's time to step up your game. If you're getting healthier, leaner, stronger and more muscular consistently, with under 7 hours of sleep, god bless you. One solution is to keep up the frequent cardio but keep some of it low to moderate in intensity and don't overdo the duration (hours and hours of daily cardio are not needed. You’ll love the results and you just may forever change the way you eat, look, and feel. If you're weak as a kitten because you starved yourself on some insane close-to-zero carb diet, that makes muscle-building training awfully difficult. Join a serious gym, or put a power rack down in that dark, dingy basement of yours and start lifting some real iron. If you're stressed and you know it, escape the source of the stress or develop coping mechanisms fast or your training will be an uphill battle. If you can't lose fat with 45-60 minutes per day, there is something horribly wrong with your nutrition). Backing off high volume cardio when fat loss is a primary goal is counter-intuitive, but if there are confirmed losses in LBM, and you've been stressed and overtrained, sometimes it's better to use moderate amounts of cardio and manipulate your nutrition to get the calorie deficit you need.

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